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Australia - Sydney and Melbourne Project Management certification 2019 and 2020 online

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Australia - Sydney and Melbourne Project Management certification 2019 and 2020 online

Professionals in Australia (Sydney and Melbourne, as well as all other areas) seeking project management certification in 2019 and 2020 now have the opportunity to benefit from the BVOP™ certification program, which offers great discounts to all Australian residents.

Sidney and Melbourne, as major cities of a search for project management certification will have the same discounts as the specialists from the rest of Australia. By the end of 2019 and throughout 2020, project management certificates are offered at a price of $ 90, instead of the whole cost of $ 270 dollars.

Current project management certifications in Australia

Although the Australian Institute of Project Management is very popular, BVOP™ wants to offer better conditions, prices, and opportunities for professionals who want to develop in this area. Our online search statistics for this program show that there is a large amount of search in the cities of Sydney and Melbourne.

Other areas of Australia such as Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Gold Coast-Tweed Heads, Newcastle-Maitland, Canberra-Queanbeyan, Sunshine Coast and Wollongong also complement much of the overall percentage of search engine management certification online 2019.

We believe that the results will be similar in 2020. That is why we want to give this opportunity to the people of Australia.

As a highly developed state with an intelligent nation, the application of modern 21st Century management practices in Australia would lead to an even greater development of the business industry in the country.

What is The BVOP™ Project Management Online Certification program?

We have created and continue to create the most up-to-date project management principles that can match any organization that produces project-based products and is actively involved in business flows.

BVOP™ stands for Business Value Oriented Principles. This is a set of ideas, rules, situations and a way of thinking, aimed both at senior management of organizations and all employees. We have set up practices, principles, and ideas for productivity and wise project management. For more information, we recommend that you directly start reading our BVOP Ultimate Guide.

As a highly developed state-of-the-art state, Australia is proud to accept modern Agile practices. BVOP is just that. A modern and newly created Agile idea that wants to completely change management thinking and practices.

Promo code for online project management certification for everyone in Australia

In addition to the fact that Australian professionals can benefit from price reductions, each registered BVOP™ member automatically participates in the promotional code for additional discounts. Hurry up to sign up to take advantage of this extra opportunity.

If you receive a promotional code, it can also be applied to the overall price discount by the end of 2019 or 2020 and you get a total discount to over 75% of the project management certificate price.

The same offer applies to product management certification, Scrum Master and Human Resources Manager certification. Registration, as well as all training materials, are free and available for online reading.

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Author: BVOP Published on: Monday May 6, 2019
BVOP Community Reviews
Comments of our guests
  1. Franciszek Nowicki
    Hello friends. I'm not from Australia. I came across this article from Linkedin. Congratulations on the initiative and good ideas. I would like to ask BVOP whether to make such promotions and offers for other countries? thanks in advance
  2. Sophia Williams
    Hi Franciszek. Thank you very much for your comment. We are glad you like this initiative. Any positive opinion means a lot to us. Directly to the essence of the question. In fact, we have planned and considered such initiatives for many countries around the world. Not only for Australia. We strongly wish to provide many people around the world with an opportunity to acquire adequate contemporary knowledge and project management certification. Our first public announcement was for Australia for the simple reason that when we began to monitor the statistics of online visits to the website, we did not expect it to have any interest in Australia. This surprised us pleasantly and we decided to announce the proposal for project management certification discounts for all Australian residents. Sydney and Melbourne were the main points of demand, but then online visits from Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Gold Coast-Tweed Heads, Newcastle-Maitland and many other cities started to appear. Please share your native country.
  3. Franciszek Nowicki
    Hello Sophia, Thanks a lot for your kind reply. I'm from Poland. Demand for project management certification here is also great. I promise. I hope you will trigger the procedures on your part. I like the idea a lot and I will enroll in the program. Greetings to all and to the project management colleagues from Australia.
  4. Stephen
    Hello Australian folks, Greetings from New Zealand. May we consider this initiative is also valid for us, not only for Australia. There are a lot of project managers here as well. ☺️
  5. Mia J
    Hello everyone. And hello BVOP guys. This post is very exciting for me and I guess for everyone in Australia. Actually I am not living in Melbourne or Sydney at all but I found this announcement very useful for me as well. I really want to participate in this initiative. I would like to understand BVOP more deeply. So my next step is to learn your management principles. For sure I will like to benefit from your certification programs and promo codes. Thanks a lot lot the free knowledge you've shared. Thats so unique and you deserve a praise.
  6. Alicia Kopenski
    Hello BVOP. I am very happy with all your articles and free knowledge. I would like you ask you are your project management certification announcements related to a specific country (like Australia for example) are location based offerings are the certificates are valid for a specific region. Kind regards, Alicia

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