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India - Mumbai & Delhi Project Management Certification and Courses 2019 and 2020 online

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India - Mumbai & Delhi Project Management Certification and Courses 2019 and 2020 online

Professionals in India (Mumbai, Delhi, and all other cities) seeking project management certification already have the opportunity to acquire a certificate at a special price.

BVOP™ provides a unique opportunity in 2019 and 2020 for Project Management certification and courses specifically designed for all professionals in the field. All residents of India can get excellent discounts from the cost of Project Management Certification. Free courses, training, and educational materials are included in the offer.

Which cities in India receive a reduction for project management certification in 2019 and 2020?

Major cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Surat, Pune, Jaipur, Lucknow, Kanpur and Nagpur, and all other smaller cities and provinces are given exactly the same privileges.

There is no difference in the location of Indian residents when determining the discount for project management certification. The only requirement is that professionals continue to live in the country and not leave.

How long is the discount offer valid?

BVOP ™ publicly announces that by the end of 2019, the cost of project management certification for residents of India if they received promotional code is $ 18. In 2020, the price discount will be similar, but we have not yet finalized the final decision.

Current project management certifications in India

Popular project management certification programs available in India are The L&T Institute of Project Management (L&T IPM), IIBM and The PMI. 

However, we want to offer more accessible and modern knowledge at a much better price.

We want to share our knowledge with many people around the world and teach future professionals of a new Agile and modern culture.

That is why we launched the program for India with specially created promotional codes.

What is the BVOP™ Project Management Online Certification program?

We have created the latest and most modern project management, product management, and people management principles, which can be applied in any company and at the highest organizational level.

BVOP™ stands for Business Value Oriented Principles. This is a collection of effective principles and a new way of thinking that can turn any organization building products and delivering modern projects into a strong and prosperous empire.

As a highly developed country in IT and software development, India is glad to integrate Agile practices and philosophies. BVOP™ is just that and even much more.

Promo code for online project management for everyone in India

Special discounts for certification are made through a promotional code. Every registered BVOP™ member is enrolled in our promotional code program.

How can you get a promotional code?

Once you have first registered in the platform, write down in your comments below your motivation to get a project management certificate. Describe your desire and ambition why you want to get a BVOP™ certificate. Use just 2 or 3 paragraphs. Promotional codes will be issued by the end of 2019 and 2020.

Product Manager or Scrum Master online certification instead of Project Manager

Another good news we want to share with you is that we provide you with this opportunity not only for the project management sphere.

If you have development ambitions like Product Manager or Scrum Master, then you can use your promotional code for some of these programs. Keep in mind that you can only use one promotional code for all programs. To do this, choose the one best suited to your needs and plans for the future.

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Author: BVOP™ Published on: Tuesday May 7, 2019
BVOP Community Reviews
Comments of our guests
  1. Vivaan Laghari
    Hello dear sir. Thank you for this suggestion. I am a resident of India and want to participate in the project management project certification because I have strong leadership skills. I have a lot of experience in programming. I communicate with many teams every day. I believe that this certificate will give me many opportunities in the future and will acquire many new and useful skills.
  2. Sophia Williams
    Hello Mr. Laghari. Thank you for your reply and comment on the topic of project management certification for India. Thank you also for sharing your motivation and ambition. You are right that the certification program will open many new doors for you and your career future. Come back soon. Greetings from the whole team.
  3. Arjun Laghari
    Hello, I want to participate in your project management certification program for India. I do not live in Mumbai or Delhi. I am from a small town but I have really grat plans for the future. I need the certificate to proof my knowledge and skills. I would apply it to any job application and focus on all the modern practices and ideas that you teach the management society. Thank you so much!
  4. Sanjoy Saha
    Hi, I am Sanjoy from Kolkata having around 11 years experience as a part of Software Project Management team and have vast experience related to functional aspect of project delivery. I require this certification to proove my Project Management expertise. I am already a Prince2 and CSM certified and I am exploring various options for different project management certifications.
  5. Suresh S
    This is Suresh from Chennai with 5year of experience in ERP software implementation. For making a best in class implementation and project management I would like to take up this course to guide me through out the implementation. [email protected]

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