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Technical IT / Software Management

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Technical IT / Software Management training course

BVOP™ offers a Technical IT and Software Management course as part of our free general training course information. Management specialists who are focused on technology, IT or software projects now have the opportunity to acquire a certificate in the field of IT, Technical and Software Development.

The educational training course includes the traditional BVOP™ Management, but there are additions to the technological section. Additions include principles of software development, general IT terminology, and common technical themes. The Technical IT / Software Management Exam consists of questions about classical general management. The candidate must take the standard exam. Then, if you wish to continue your qualification with the Technical IT / Software Manager, it is necessary to inquire with the BVOP office with the request to extend the qualification to technical or software.

Technical / IT Management Training Course

Candidates can apply for the Technical / IT Management training course. This program differs from the software program a lot. Topics focus on common concepts in Internet protocols, security, encryption, and more.

Price of Technical / IT Management training course:

All applicants who have successfully finished a standard management course can obtain a free technical certificate only for a fee of $ 30.

Software Management Training

Those interested in software management may request Software Management Certification in the manner described above. This program differs from the IT program. Topics are software management and include analysis, planning, specification writing, monitoring and management of defects and software testing.

The price is again $ 30.

Why can you get a free certificate?

BVOP includes many topics from different disciplines, methodologies, best practices, and principles. Anyone who stands the test is considered sufficiently qualified in all the general management practices, principles, and processes that BVOP spreads around the world.

You have to make an effort. The fact that you have successfully obtained a document does not mean that you will automatically expand your qualification. You must make efforts that will be re-evaluated. We will send you questions that you need to answer and prepare a project in detail.

You will get 10 questions from our teams. Depending on the area you choose, you will prepare 10 answers in detail. You must send them back to our teams, who will evaluate your work.

Can I get both Technical / IT and Software Management training simultaneously?

Yes of course. You can apply for both programs by paying a $ 30 fee for each. You will receive 10 questions per program. You will need to prepare a total of 20 themes and submit them to the evaluation committee.

Can I get the qualification by paying the full fees and not doing the online test?

No. The online test includes many topics that we want you to know and be aware of.

What is BVOP?

For the final, we want to introduce our principles. If you have not yet met them. BVOP stands for Business Value Oriented Principles. These are new modern Agile principles for managing not only projects but also products, people and organizations. Our principles are based and built upon the foundations of widespread worldwide problems. We contribute to the whole management society by creating new professionals and provoking a new way of thinking in modern professionals and managers.

BVOP™ also offers Product Management, Product Owner, Scrum Master, Human Resources Manager, Agile Director, and Chief Executive. Check out all our proposals and make sure you keep up with our modern principles by reading the free BVOP™ guide in the Learn section.

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Author: BVOP Published on: Tuesday Apr 30, 2019

Comments from the BVOP™ community on "Technical IT / Software Management"

  1. Stephen Jones

    As a professional who successfully passed the BVOP project manager test, I can boldly say that the options described in the article are my next logical steps. Only the one who does not know the principles cannot see the modern unique ideas behind BVOP. 

    I was struggling at first to understand the whole ideology behind BVOP because I was looking for complex logic and rules. But in fact, everything was logical, easy and understandable. 

    Being a project manager is not a prestige, crazy goal or mania. It is a responsibility, a lot of labor, putting energy into the right steps. Being up to your teams when they need you the most is what I learned here.

Comments on “Technical IT / Software Management training course”

  1. Paul R.

    Since I do not like traditional project management and I am a technically oriented professional, I would not want to learn so much management that will not be relevant to my job. Can I apply for a technical project manager directly? I want to learn technical management, not administrative. Do you offer such service and certificates? Thanks.
  2. Boyd Niven

    Hi Paul, It is not very appropriate that you want to be certified as a technical project manager instead of an administrative one. The technical and software project management is ordinary project management. Do not imagine that you are going to do something different. Your job will be largely the same as all project managers around the world. To become a technical project manager or whatever, you need to be aware of this discipline in general.
  3. Stavros

    Hello everyone! I would like to add something important. Classical project management and software or technical or IT whatever project management are very different fields. If someone willing to obtain a project management certificate but plans to work in the software industry needs to make that difference and familiarize themselves with all Technical and software topics, tools, terminology and practices. The difference in there is very big and in my opinion there is no point in investing money and time in a project management like PMP, Prince2 or something similar. Going for Agile, Scrum, Lean, BVOP and something in that area is the best choice of everyone in the software or technical field. Spend your time and money in these and soon you will find your way in a successful career. Thanks for your attention :) Best regards, Stavros
  4. Kirylo M.

    Thanks for the offering guys. Can you share more details about the topics of this software training course? Thanks a lot in advance.
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