The BVOP™ knowledge is free for everyone on the planet

The Business Value-Oriented Principles (BVOP) is a modern guide with best practices, ideas, and teachings for project management, product management, people management, and organizational management.

Business Value Focus

Adding business value to all organizational and development initiatives is the core principle of the BVOP, and this essential understanding is spread to high management level, human resources, program and project management, product management.

Growing high-skilled professionals

BVOP™ proclaims that all key roles inside organizations and projects need shared knowledge and skills and provoke people and organizations to go outside of their comfort zones and develop their skill sets and knowledge even more.

New Program & Project Management paradigm

BVOP™ develops professionals' collaboration and growing practices, knowledge, and focus on problems. Program management support is extremely important for every project to succeed. Program Directors and the PMO office go out of their comfort zone and learn project management, product management, and increase design and technical knowledge.

Enchanting Product Management

BVOP™ explicitly reveals important product development and product management practices and principles that ensure satisfying outcomes for both organizations and customers. Product managers study and understand the BVOP project management activities, as well.

Boosting organizational productivity

BVOP™ may help organizations through increasing general productivity and customer satisfaction, ensure transparency of all management and development levels. Knowledge and skills sharing initiatives may be influenced and increased. Time-to-market cycles usually become shorter.

Developing People-oriented organizational culture

BVOP™ transforms the organizational culture by adding people-oriented focus, grow better culture and passion for development, motivation improvement, spreading positive principles, and a sense of respect.

Developing Business-oriented thinking across people

BVOP™ suggests that all people inside the organization need to understand organizational priorities and goals. People following the BVOP support and understand the business as it is essential for the needs and missions of the organizations.

Modern People management

BVOP™ centers on human resources and people management as a very valuable and critical office of the organizations. People's emotions, needs, responsibilities, and proactivity is a necessary balance, and the people management activities need to achieve it.


The abbreviation of “Business Value-Oriented Principles” is BVOP. BVOP™ is owned by
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The “BVOP™ Ultimate Guide” includes the entire content of the BVOP™, and it is a free book. Its content evolves with time, and more valuable principles, issues, and trends may be included.

The topics of the BVOP™ are not the classical understanding of program, project, product, and people management. They have a “Business Value-Oriented” prefix, and they need to be perceived as new and Agile teaching and mentality.

The mission and goals of BVOP™ are:

Introducing and distributing new and modern practices focused on waste of time and resources;
Developing a positive attitude and atmosphere in organizations;
Improving the awareness and skills of professionals;
Balancing the needs of people and business;