Scrum Master Certification Online For Agile Professionals

Our online Agile Scrum Master Certification program provides professional recognition. Upon passing an online exam, you can obtain a certificate for the senior title. It offers a high success rate at an affordable price with minimal cost.

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Be a professional Senior Scrum Master with our online certification program

The role of the Scrum Master is remarkably significant in Agile practices. Accordingly, anyone planning to start a career as a professional Scrum Master needs motivation and certification.

The BVOP™ recommends including this role in every project and product development process. It aligns with Scrum and Agile practices and principles. Therefore, we actively encourage more people to actively engage in this knowledge and matter.

There is another serious reason for our offering of the BVOP Scrum Master certificate. BVOP™ extends the Scrum Master’s knowledge and awareness.

Additionally, it includes project management principles. This is a catch. Professional candidates who want the BVOP™ certificate need to understand this.

The BVOP Scrum Masters are more skilled

Our certified Senior Scrum Masters are more prepared for real-life products and projects. For example, multiple Agile and project management disciplines are mixed and used by different roles for common objectives.

Handling project risk, estimation, and team motivation are only small pieces of the new knowledge and awareness. In fact, BVOP adds to the skills set of the BVOP™ Agile professional community many new aptitudes.

Professionals who want to obtain the certificate need to prepare and have a deep understanding of this role. They also need to familiarize themselves with the general and technical topics in the BVOP™ Ultimate Guide.

Who should apply for a BVOP Scrum Master certification?

  • Current Certified Scrum Masters
  • Junior specialists
  • Advanced professionals
  • Professionals started their career recently
  • Anyone planning to develop a professional Agile career
  • Members of Development Teams
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Why should you apply for the online certification program?

Boosting career opportunities should not be the prime goal of the future Scrum Master. Professionals interested in the BVOP need to understand their responsibilities and the needs of the organization they are part of. Also, they need to develop a constant desire for personal and professional development.

The BVOP™ professional senior certificate is available to give career opportunities to everyone who may seek such. Therefore, the other goal is to spread the knowledge to everyone and to focus on the needs of the organizations for responsible and highly qualified team members.

Exam topics

About The Business Value-Oriented Principles, Business Value-Oriented Project Management and all sections from the BVOP™ Agile Guide

Certification process

1. Create your BVOP account and choose a certification program.

2. Make a payment for your certification exam to reserve your assessment attempt. It does not expire.

3. Learn the About section of the Business Value-Oriented Principles, the Business Value-Oriented Project Management (BVOPM) section from the BVOP™ Ultimate Guide and the full BVOP™ Agile Guide.

4. When you feel confident enough, login to your account and start your assessment test. If your passing score is more than 75% you will obtain your certificate.


Deep understanding and knowledge of the Business Value-Oriented Project Management and Introduction sections of the BVOP Ultimate Guide and the full BVOP™ Agile Guide. Passing the mock exam is recommended.


Currently, the fee for the BVOP™ Scrum exam is $ 70. However, when you register for an account, you will receive a discount code, and once you use it, the price can be reduced to $ 55. No additional costs.

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Over 98% success rate

Almost all candidates successfully pass their online exams from the first time. As a result, they enjoy their diploma without having to retake it.

We provide a relaxed interactive environment that guarantees your focus and attention during the exam.

Bonus Mock Certification Exams

Users registered on the platform receive special gifts. Also, each candidate for the BVOP™ certified Scrum role gets three bonus online mock exams.

No human presence on your certification exam

An online certification examination without monitoring and pressure caused by human presence assures even more success to applicants.

Certificate validity: Lifetime

Our program awards you with a diploma without an expiration date. Moreover, you do not need to pay fees in the future to renew your membership or purchase a new certificate.

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The BVOP approach helps to develop the collaboration skills of professionals. In addition, certification candidates not only acquire project and product management skills, but also learn to become more people-oriented leaders. Sharon Florentine, Senior Writer, CIO
Our team examined the Agile BVOP methodology and the results were very impressive. Afterward, I was fortunate to write my publication for our journal as I always prefer to refer to scientific data and analysis. Briefly, BVOP is not an entry-level Scrum and Agile certification. Marta Cooper, Chief Editor, PolicyMatters, ISSN: 1941-8280, University of California
BVOP provides new Agile inception to the whole community. I choose to write material quoting your guides. In the end, there is always inspiring material. Thanks on behalf of my partners and the whole Agile community. Ashton Williams, Publisher of Scrum Time, ISSN: 2652-5445
Thanks to the modern principles and guidelines of BVOP, my academy already certifies hundreds of Scrum professionals. As a result, they have the self-confidence and ability to establish and manage real Agile working processes and practices. Anton Radev, Managing Director of Project Management Academy Ltd,

What is a Scrum Master Certification?

A Scrum Master Certification is a highly esteemed professional credential that plays a pivotal role in validating an individual's comprehensive knowledge and exceptional expertise in the Scrum framework. This certification serves as concrete evidence of one's proficiency in effectively facilitating agile practices, nurturing a culture of collaboration, and spearheading successful project delivery through the meticulous application of Scrum methodologies.

Obtaining a Scrum Master Certification showcases not only a deep understanding of the fundamental principles and values of Scrum but also the ability to harness its power and potential to drive exceptional outcomes in dynamic project environments. Certified Scrum Masters have demonstrated their prowess in guiding teams to embrace the agile mindset, encouraging self-organization, and fostering an environment of continuous improvement.

Furthermore, this certification signifies the certified professional's capability to navigate complex project landscapes, skillfully addressing challenges and impediments that may arise along the way. A Scrum Master's expertise lies in their aptitude to empower teams to adapt to changing requirements, identify and mitigate risks, and deliver incremental value with unwavering focus.

By investing time and effort into attaining a Scrum Master Certification, professionals unlock a realm of opportunities in the realm of project management. Organizations across various industries actively seek certified Scrum Masters who can steer teams towards success, ensuring projects are delivered with efficiency, quality, and customer satisfaction in mind.

Ultimately, a Scrum Master Certification stands as a testament to an individual's dedication to excellence, continuous learning, and their unwavering commitment to driving project success through the power of Scrum methodologies.

Why should I consider obtaining a Scrum Master Certification?

Obtaining a Scrum Master Certification can bring forth an array of compelling benefits that extend far beyond personal and professional growth. This esteemed certification serves as a powerful validation of your expertise in the field of Scrum, enhancing your credibility as a highly skilled Scrum practitioner and making you an attractive candidate to employers actively seeking individuals well-versed in agile methodologies.

By earning a Scrum Master Certification, you not only solidify your understanding of Scrum principles but also gain a deep appreciation for the nuances of the framework. This comprehensive understanding empowers you to guide and mentor teams with confidence, enabling them to embrace the Scrum mindset, adhere to agile practices, and deliver value-driven projects consistently.

Certification Empowers: Resolve Impediments with Tools

Furthermore, the certification equips you with the tools and techniques necessary to identify and resolve impediments that hinder project progress. As a certified Scrum Master, you possess the knowledge and skills to facilitate effective collaboration, foster a culture of transparency, and promote self-organization within teams. This invaluable ability to overcome obstacles and create an environment conducive to productivity significantly enhances your effectiveness as a Scrum Master.

Moreover, a Scrum Master Certification opens doors to exciting career opportunities in diverse industries and organizations. Companies actively seeking agile-minded professionals recognize the value that certified Scrum Masters bring to the table. Your certification becomes a testament to your commitment to continuous improvement, adaptability, and the pursuit of excellence in project management.

Beyond personal growth and career advancement, the certification journey itself provides immense learning and networking opportunities. Engaging with experienced Scrum practitioners, attending training courses, and participating in the vibrant Scrum community allows you to expand your knowledge, gain valuable insights, and establish connections with like-minded professionals.

In summary, obtaining a Scrum Master Certification not only enhances your credibility and marketability but also validates your expertise in Scrum, equips you with the necessary skills to guide teams to success, and unlocks a world of exciting career possibilities. It serves as a testament to your commitment to delivering high-quality, value-driven projects and signifies your dedication to continuous learning and growth in the field of agile project management.

What are the benefits of becoming a Certified Scrum Master?

Embarking on the journey to become a Certified Scrum Master (CSM) unlocks a multitude of substantial benefits that extend far beyond the realms of professional growth. Achieving this esteemed certification not only elevates your credibility as a Scrum professional but also significantly enhances your marketability, making you an invaluable asset to organizations that embrace agile methodologies.

The CSM certification serves as a tangible validation of your comprehensive knowledge and expertise in facilitating Scrum practices. It demonstrates your ability to navigate the intricacies of the Scrum framework, enabling you to guide teams with finesse, resolve challenges, and deliver projects that consistently drive tangible value for stakeholders.

Moreover, the CSM certification serves as a gateway to a wide range of exciting career opportunities in the realm of agile project management. As a certified Scrum Master, you possess the foundational knowledge and skills necessary to excel in roles such as Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, or agile team members. This opens up a world of possibilities, allowing you to contribute actively and meaningfully to high-performing agile teams and organizations.

Beyond the professional realm, the CSM certification journey also fosters personal growth and development. Engaging in CSM training, collaborating with experienced Scrum practitioners, and actively participating in the vibrant Scrum community provide unparalleled learning experiences. These opportunities allow you to expand your horizons, exchange insights, and continuously enhance your skills as a Scrum professional.

Join the Global Agile Community as a Certified Scrum Master

Furthermore, as a certified Scrum Master, you become part of a global community of agile enthusiasts, where you can connect with like-minded professionals, share knowledge, and engage in discussions that shape the future of agile practices. The networking opportunities offered by the certification not only broaden your professional connections but also expose you to diverse perspectives and innovative ideas.

In summary, the journey to becoming a Certified Scrum Master brings forth an array of tangible and intangible benefits. From enhanced credibility and marketability to increased career prospects and the ability to contribute to high-performing agile teams, the CSM certification empowers you to make a profound impact in the world of agile project management. Embracing this certification represents a commitment to continuous growth, excellence, and the relentless pursuit of delivering value through the power of Scrum.

How does a Certified Scrum Master contribute to the overall organizational agility?

A Certified Scrum Master (CSM) plays a vital role in fostering and nurturing overall organizational agility, serving as a catalyst for positive change and transformation. By championing the adoption of agile principles and values, a CSM becomes a driving force in steering the organization towards a more flexible, adaptive, and responsive approach to project management.

One of the primary responsibilities of a CSM is to facilitate the seamless implementation of Scrum practices within the organization. This entails guiding teams, stakeholders, and managers through the intricacies of the Scrum framework, promoting a shared understanding of its principles, and ensuring the effective execution of Scrum ceremonies and artifacts. By establishing a solid foundation of Scrum practices, the CSM empowers teams to collaborate more effectively, respond swiftly to changing requirements, and continuously deliver value to stakeholders.

Fostering a Culture of Continuous Improvement: The Crucial Role of CSM

In addition to facilitating the adoption of Scrum practices, a CSM also plays a crucial role in fostering a culture of continuous improvement. They encourage teams to reflect on their processes, identify areas for enhancement, and experiment with new approaches to optimize productivity and quality. By instilling a mindset of continuous learning and growth, the CSM empowers teams to adapt, innovate, and continuously evolve their practices, resulting in improved outcomes and a competitive edge in the market.

A Certified Scrum Master serves as a bridge between various stakeholders, managers, and teams, fostering effective collaboration and communication. They work closely with product owners to ensure clear and prioritized product backlogs, collaborate with managers to address any organizational impediments that hinder team progress, and facilitate cross-team coordination to foster synergy and alignment. By cultivating an environment that values transparency, trust, and open communication, the CSM enables teams to work harmoniously towards shared goals, unlocking their full potential and driving remarkable business outcomes.

Moreover, a CSM collaborates with other agile teams and departments within the organization, sharing best practices, exchanging insights, and promoting cross-team learning. This collaborative approach not only enhances the organization's ability to respond quickly and effectively to changing business needs but also promotes a culture of knowledge-sharing and collective growth.

In summary, a Certified Scrum Master acts as a change agent within the organization, driving the adoption of agile principles, facilitating the implementation of Scrum practices, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement. By collaborating with stakeholders, managers, and other teams, they create an environment that supports agile values, encourages collaboration, and empowers the organization to navigate the complexities of today's dynamic business landscape with resilience and agility.

Certified Scrum Master (CSM®)

I already have a Certified ScrumMaster (CSM®) but I would like to take advantage of your program as well. How will BVOP enrich my professional skills?

Certified ScrumMaster (CSM®) is a great title. However, BVOP has a much more extensive training program and our BVOP Agile Guide includes many topics such as Kaizen, Kanban, MVP, Lean and many others. Acquiring our Senior title could be a reasonable and logical continuation of your qualification.

Professional Scrum Master™ (PSM I)

I have already acquired the title of Professional Scrum Master™ (PSM I). Should I take yours too?

Professional Scrum Master™ (PSM I and PSM II) are excellent titles of a popular brand that everyone also respects just like Certified ScrumMaster (CSM®). However, in this case, we recommend the BVOP Senior program, which will provide you with new knowledge and views that can easily bring you closer to the BVOP™ Agile Director title.

SAFe Scrum Master

I have already acquired the SAFe Scrum Master title. Is it time for BVOP?

SAFe 5.0 Framework is quite different from BVOP. However, our Senior title will seem more relevant to you. Project management practices are an additional part of exam preparation.

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The Importance of Certification Training and Course Materials in Scrum Master Training

In the field of project management, the role of a Scrum Master is crucial for ensuring the successful implementation of agile methodologies. To excel in this role, professionals undergo certification training, which equips them with the necessary skills and knowledge to lead agile teams effectively. This article explores the significance of certification training and the role of course materials in Scrum Master training.

The Value of Certification Training

Certification training provides Scrum Masters with a comprehensive understanding of the principles and practices of Scrum. Through this training, professionals learn about the Scrum framework, roles and responsibilities, agile planning, and effective collaboration techniques. Certification training offers a structured learning experience that prepares individuals to navigate the complexities of agile project management and drive successful outcomes.

The Role of Course Materials

Course materials play a vital role in Scrum Master training, providing learners with valuable resources and reference materials. These materials typically include textbooks, presentations, case studies, and interactive exercises. Course materials serve as a guide throughout the training program, offering in-depth explanations of agile concepts, practical examples, and best practices. They enable Scrum Masters to reinforce their understanding of Scrum principles and apply them effectively in real-world scenarios.

Benefits of Well-Designed Course Materials

Well-designed course materials enhance the learning experience for Scrum Masters. They present information in a clear and organized manner, making it easier for learners to grasp complex concepts. Visual aids, such as diagrams and infographics, can simplify the understanding of agile frameworks and processes. Additionally, interactive exercises and quizzes included in the course materials help reinforce learning and allow Scrum Masters to assess their knowledge and progress.

Ensuring Relevance and Currency

To keep pace with the rapidly evolving field of agile project management, course materials must be regularly updated to reflect the latest industry practices and trends. This ensures that Scrum Masters receive the most up-to-date information and are well-prepared to tackle current challenges. Relevance and currency in course materials enable Scrum Masters to apply the most effective strategies and techniques, maximizing the success of agile projects.


Certification training and well-designed course materials are essential components of Scrum Master training. Through certification training, professionals gain the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their roles as Scrum Masters. Course materials provide valuable resources that support the learning process and enable Scrum Masters to understand and apply agile methodologies effectively. By investing in certification training and utilizing high-quality course materials, organizations and individuals can enhance their agile project management capabilities and drive successful outcomes.

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Certified BVOP Professionals Reviews
Michael Taylor

As a professional who works explicitly with the Scrum framework, I've seen a lot of troublesome processes and methods of operating in the companies I've worked in. In this case, I think there is a lack of clarity and knowledge of this position. I noticed that BVOP changed this and gave Scrum Masters a lot of knowledge and skills. Consequently, this motivated me to learn the knowledge posted here.

Thanks a lot to The Business Value-Oriented Principles Institute for the diploma.

Even if I had to pay for it, I would have done it with pleasure. I strongly recommend it to everyone.

William Anderson

I admit that my knowledge and vision of project work has been scarce and weak.

After carefully studying the entire BVOP Guide, I can now make this comparison and draw my own conclusions about the massive professionalism of the people around. Additionally, I agree that Scrum Masters` ability to manage processes, projects, and teams is not enough for serious initiatives.

I am grateful that I came to this new and useful modern knowledge. Conversely, I was able to take the test with a very high score, and I'm proud of my certificate today.

Mateusz Adamowicz

Great thanks to the Business Value-Oriented Principles Institute for giving me this great opportunity.

I have made extraordinary efforts not only to learn but also to understand the BVOP manual. Additionally, the new Agile knowledge that I have gives me deep insights and understanding of the management of teams, products, and projects.

I will apply my everyday knowledge of my career and will fight for the causes and principles of today's Agile Society.

Takahiro Hasegawa

Constant learning, development, and effort is the most important quality of true professionals. Also, these are the principles of Scrum and Agile methodologies and the BVOP teachings.

These are my understandings too. I strongly encourage beginners, and I recommend that you make efforts not only for the certificate but also for your entire future career.

Thanks for this modern and agile knowledge.

Maria Kaniks

The BVOP is really the new Agile, and it is amazing how many logical and updated information it is offering

I am really happy that I started this educational program. Furthermore, the entire Agile and Scrum community need to update their visions.

Robert James

The BVOP Senior role is really advanced and modern. However, the exam was interesting. Moreover, the most exciting experience for me was to read and learn the whole BVOP Agile Guide as it is brand new material revealing many essential details and a valuable base for any Agile expert. Thank you so much

BVOP - Certification logo


  1. Jeri Luetta
    Hello everyone. Since I would very much like to get started as a Scrum Master, can you please advise me if your training is sufficient to understand everything I need and to find a job in the field easily.
  2. BVOP™
    Hi Jeri! Thanks for the question. This is a really important topic that probably excites many professionals around the world. Very often, a simple Scrum Master certificate is not enough to get started a new job, which requires high competence and skills. However, our certification program is more demanding on the knowledge of professionals following the BVOP™ principles. The exam includes many topics. You need to know not only the Scrum studies. You will also focus on product views, as well as clarity on traditional project management topics. We strongly believe that the combined skills of professionals make them valuable to their organizations and teams. For this, the whole BVOP™ concept is based on removing the boundaries of professionals. Our mission is thinking in the direction of business value. Our teaching would create from you a valuable and respected professional.
  3. Natashia Kowalski
    Dear BVOP, I noticed that for all certification programs, you require knowledge not only in the field that is related to the position, but also additional knowledge in other areas. Does this mean that if I study for a Scrum Master certificate, for example, will it be much easier for me to take the Project Management Certification exam, for example?
  4. Andrea Liber
    Hello Dear! Since I have an interest in BVOP in general and Scrum Master certification in particular, can you share to what extent your program differs from other classic Scrum roles? I understand that there are such differences, and I would like to know the similarities and differences. Can you share any comparison table, for example? Thank you for your attention! Kind regards
  5. BVOP™

    Hi Andrea,

    Thank you for your comment and your interesting question.

    The Scrum Master role of BVOP™ covers all popular Scrum practices, understands all the rules and ideas, but at the same time has a much greater understanding of additional practices and ideas.

    The BVOP™ Scrum Master certification program includes additional topics in project management and, in general, all other issues in the BVOP™ Ultimate Guide.

  6. Peter Abelard
    Hi BVOP, As I have an interest in Scrum Master certification, I created an account on your platform earlier today. Unfortunately, for some reason, I can't order an online exam. Can you check? thanks
  7. Magdalena Naurecka
    I am interested scrum master course. The pice is for the whole course or in a month?
  8. BVOP™
    Dear Magdalena, The price listed is for an online certification exam. You can prepare for the online exam by using our study materials freely. Use the Start Leaning button from the navigation menu above. The materials are free of charge. We recommend that you create a platform account for further clarity. Kind regards
  9. BVOP™
    Dear Peter, The service was temporarily suspended, but the program has been resumed again and is now fully active. Each registered user on the platform is compensated. Since you mention that you are a registered user on the platform, you should also receive a gift compensation. A few days ago, every BVOP ™ member received an email with this announcement.
  10. Edme Morales
    Hello, I understand that you are offering a free Scrum Master certification exam. What should I do to get this opportunity? Can your training prepare me for other programs from other organizations or only related to BVOP methodologies?
  11. Joshua Moore
    I'm considering applying for a project management program. As I now notice that Agile training also includes learning the project management sections of the BVOP Ultimate Guide if I take project management, is it possible then that the Scrum exam does not include project management questions again, but only those additional topics needed for this certificate?
  12. Daniela Gancheva
    Hello, I am writing to you about promotional discounts on director certificates. I am particularly interested in the Agile Director diploma. I successfully took my certification exam yesterday and received my certificate. I am currently reviewing the updated prices in my account and notice the price difference. Can I just order a certification exam at the current price, and does it guarantee that I will have a real exam purchased? Will I get an Agile Director certification if I pass the exam?
  13. shahrukh
    do I have more than one attempt to pass the exam? if yes then how many?
  14. BVOP™
    Dear shahrukh,
    Thank you for your question. Usually, each user gets a free trial. When you order an additional exam, this increases your total number of attempts by one. There are no exam attempts limitations.
    Kind regards
  15. Dolores Garcia

    I just passed my online exam and I still feel strong emotion and joy. I would like to share my experience but first I want to thank BVOP for providing the mock exams.

    Thanks to these attempts, I was able to really track the progress of the accumulation of my knowledge. My preparation took 1 month, but I could actually do it much faster. Unfortunately, some personal commitments and activities have extended the preparation time.

    I admit that at first, I was skeptical about the requirement to learn such extensive books. I mean BVOP Ultimate Guide and BVOP Agile Guide. As far as I know, no other Agile and Scrum preparation requires so much work.

    After reading both textbooks carefully, I understood why I need to know the whole subject. The diploma I already have really deserved the Senior title.

    I want to recommend to all those who have embarked on this endeavor to put diligence and effort in their learning because this training will pay off in time.

    Take your time and be careful. The three mock exams actually give a lot of peace later for the real one.

  16. David Thomas
    Since I also received my document earlier today, let me share a review.

    Comparison between BVOP and Professional Scrum MasterTM PSM III

    From the beginning, I thought that the mock exam would be similar to PSM I assessment but later it turned out that the questions are different and there is no easy level. After reading the instructions more carefully, I realized that the exam is based on the entire BVOP Agile Guide as well as the BVOP Ultimate Guide. In short, be prepared for questions related to Kaizen, Kanban, and MVP. Therefore, the area of ​​competence is higher than in PSM III.

    Comparison with Scrum Alliance

    As a Scrum trainer, I am aware in detail of other certification organizations such as the Scrum Alliance. Similarly, I can point out that my comment above applies to other programs as well.

    Highly recommended for modern software development

    After many years of involvement as a member of an active Scrum team, I dare say that the software development industry needs to incorporate more Agile philosophies, including Lean, MVP, and even Kaizen principles. BVOP includes these topics in detail.

    To future certificate holders

    Make every effort to learn not only the Scrum Guide, the BVOP Agile Guide, but also the BVOP Ultimate Guide as you will need all this knowledge.

  17. BVOP™
    Dear David,

    We are glad that you already have one of our professional certifications. Our Scrum certification is great preparation for the real world. Thank you for the detailed review and comparisons on behalf of our entire team. We wish you success in all personal and professional endeavors.

  18. Aisha Nash
    I want to share my goals and ideas. I will be happy for feedback. I want to enroll in some training because I am going to be a team leader of a QA team. The tasks of the teams will have to be planned into sprints. Unfortunately, I am not deeply familiar with this framework. I have a hard time understanding how Sprint planning works. If I follow the BVOP methodology, will I be able to lead my team more efficiently? I want to know how team synchronization happens. Everything has to be pretty well planned for the sprints to be successful. I read about balance and flexibility in your ideas. I want to achieve harmony between good planning and adaptability to project changes without creating tension. Can you help me achieve my professional goals?
  19. Tobias Schneider
    Our organization needs training materials for our new scrum team members. Are BVOP materials suitable for company training?
  20. BVOP
    Of course. Our materials are suitable for the needs of your organization. You are free to use our guides to train employees in your company.
  21. Anna Moulin
    I would like to ask something. Does it matter if I appear for the SM exam first and then for the PO? Do I have to follow a specific learning sequence?
  22. BVOP
    It doesn't matter which certification exam you start. Of course, if you have studied the necessary materials in depth. We recommend that you spend enough time studying. At some point, run a mock exam for any of the programs to test your knowledge. If you pass your mock exam, run the other one as well.
  23. Michał Nowak
    What do I need to learn to pass the certification exam?
  24. BVOP™
    To successfully pass the BVOP Certified Scrum Master exam, you must learn the project management sections of the BVOP Ultimate Guide and the entire BVOP Agile Guide.
  25. Santiago Lòpez
    Where in Mexico can I enroll in a course? Do you have lecturers who teach Spanish? Do you offer online training?
  26. BVOP™
    You do not need special lecturers and course registration in your country. You can prepare for the certification exam easily. Our guides are available to everyone free of charge. Please see the Start Learning page on our website.
  27. Anna Wagner
    I need training on Jira, ClickUp, Basecamp, Binfire and other similar tools used by software development teams. Do you have such a course?
  28. BVOP™
    There are many online resources and training programs available that can help you learn more about these tools. Some popular online resources include Udemy, Coursera, LinkedIn Learning, and Pluralsight, which offer courses and training programs on project management tools, including Jira, ClickUp, Basecamp, and Binfire. You may also want to consider checking out the official websites of these tools, as they often provide documentation, video tutorials, and user guides to help you get started. Additionally, many software development communities have online forums and discussion groups where you can ask questions and get advice from other professionals who use these tools. While we don't offer a specific Jira course, I hope these resources can help you find the information and training you need to master these project management tools.
  29. Oliver Johnson
    Hey there! Can you tell me what makes the BVOP Scrum Master certification program different from other Scrum Master certification programs out there?
  30. BVOP™

    Hey there! The BVOP Scrum Master certification program stands out from other Scrum Master certification programs in several ways:

    Emphasis on Business Value-Oriented Practices (BVOP)

    Unlike traditional Scrum Master certifications, BVOP places a strong emphasis on aligning Agile and Scrum practices with overall business goals and value delivery.

    Comprehensive Skillset

    The BVOP certification program not only covers the core Scrum framework but also includes a broader range of skills such as project management, leadership, and communication, making certified professionals well-rounded and adaptable.

    Practical Focus

    The program integrates real-world scenarios and practical exercises to ensure that certified Scrum Masters are equipped to handle complex situations and drive actual results.

    International Standards

    BVOP is recognized globally and follows international standards, making it suitable for professionals working in diverse cultural and business environments.

    Continuous Learning

    The BVOP certification encourages ongoing learning and skill improvement through its community, resources, and opportunities for networking and collaboration.

    In summary, the BVOP Scrum Master certification program differentiates itself by its business-centric approach, comprehensive skill development, practical orientation, global recognition, and commitment to continuous learning.

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