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Be a Certified Scrum Master with the BVOP online certification program

The Scrum Master role is extremely important in Agile practices and everyone who will start a career as a Scrum Master needs a start, certificate, and motivation.

The BVOP suggest this role need to be included in every project and product development process following Scrum and Agile practices and principles and encourage more people to get involved in this knowledge and matter.

There is another serious reason for the free offering of the BVOP Scrum Master certificate. BVOP extends the knowledge of the Scrum Master knowledge and awareness and includes project management principles. This is a catch. The Scrum Masters who want the BVOP Scrum Master certificate need to understand this.

The BVOP Scrum Masters are more skilled

The BVOP Scrum Masters are more prepared for real-life products and projects where multiple Agile and project management disciplines are mixed and used by different roles for common objectives.

Handling project risk, prioritization, estimation and teams motivation is an only small piece a new knowledge and awareness that the Business Value Oriented Principles add to the skills set of the BVOP Scrum Masters.

The professionals who wish to obtain the certificate need preparation and deep understanding of this role of and the general and technical topics in the BVOP Ultimate Guide.

*BVOP Scrum Master certificate is offered with a support tax of $8 USD.

Who should apply for a BVOP Scrum Master certification?

  • Students
  • Graduates
  • Professionals started their career recently
  • Professionals planning to develop a career as Scrum Master
  • Novice level Scrum professionals
  • Agile enthusiasts
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Why you should apply for the online certification program?

Boosting career opportunities should not be the prime goal of the future Scrum Master. Professionals interested in the BVOP need to understand their responsibilities, the needs of the organization they are part of and need to develop a constant desire for personal and professional development

The BVOP Scrum Master certificate is free to save you money and provide career opportunities for everyone who may seek such. But the other goal is to spread the knowledge to everyone and to focus on the needs of many organizations of responsible and high-skilled professionals.

Exam topics

Introduction, Business Value Oriented Project Management, Business Value Oriented Scrum Master role and the General Topics sections

Certification process

1. Create your BVOP account and choose a certification program.

2. Make a payment for the support tax to reserve your free assessment attempt. It does not expire.

3. Learn the Introduction, Business Value Oriented Project Management (BVOPM), Business Value Oriented Scrum Master role and the General Topics sections included in the BVOP Ultimate Guide.

4. When you feel confident enough, login to your account and start your assessment test. If your passing score is more than 75% you will obtain your certificate.


Deep understanding and knowledge of the Business Value Oriented Scrum Master role, Business Value Oriented Project Management (BVOPM), Introduction and the General Topics section of the BVOP Ultimate Guide.


The BVOP Scrum Master certification is currently offered for FREE for a limited time. You need to pay $8.00 USD support tax.

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BVOP Community Reviews
Michael Taylor

As a professional who works explicitly with the Scrum framework, I've seen a lot of troublesome processes and methods of operating in the companies I've worked in. I think there is a lack of clarity and knowledge of this position. I noticed that BVOP changed this and gave Scrum Masters a lot of knowledge and skills. This motivated me to learn the knowledge posted here.

Thanks a lot to The Business Value Oriented Principles Institute for the free Scrum Master certificate.

Even if I had to pay for it, I would have done it with pleasure. I strongly recommend it to everyone.

William Anderson

I admit that my knowledge and vision of project work has been scarce and weak.

After carefully studying the entire BVOP Guide, I can now make this comparison and draw my own conclusions about the massive professionalism of the people around. I agree that Scrum Masters` ability to manage processes, projects, and teams is not enough for serious initiatives.

I am grateful that I came to this new and useful modern knowledge. I was able to take the test with a very high score and I'm proud of my certificate today.

Mateusz Adamowicz

Great thanks to the Business Value Oriented Principles Institute for giving me this great opportunity.

I have made extraordinary efforts not only to learn but also to understand the BVOP manual. The new Agile knowledge that I have gives me deep insights and understanding of the management of teams, products, and projects.

I will apply my everyday knowledge of my career as a Scrum Master and will fight for the causes and principles of today's Agile Society.

Takahiro Hasegawa

Constant learning, development, and effort is the most important quality of true professionals. These are the principles of Scrum and Agile methodologies and of the BVOP teachings.

These are my understandings too. I strongly encourage beginners and I recommend that you make efforts not only for the certificate but also for your entire future career.

Thanks for this modern and free online knowledge.

Maria Kaniks

The BVOP is really the new Agile and it is amazing how many logical and updated information it is offering

I am really happy that I started this educational program.

The entire Agile and Scrum community needs to update its visions.