The BVOP Ultimate Guide

BVOP completely changes organizational and project management, people, products and teams. Creates a new way of thinking among CEOs, Program Managers, Human Resources, Project and Product Managers.
Teaches people with respect, self-discipline, productivity, and efficiency.

BVOP can be applied to each Agile or Waterfall methodology according to organizational strategies and team needs.

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The Business Value Oriented Principles (BVOP)

About the Business Value Oriented Principles

Business Value

The Business Value Oriented Principles areas

Business Value Oriented Program Management (BVOPGM)

Analyzing projects dependencies

Program planning

Program risk management

Program stakeholders management

Program resources management

Choosing management and development methodologies and practices (realizations sets)

Monitoring and controlling program execution

Offices specifics

Business Value Oriented Project Management (BVOPM)

Documentations management

Quality documentation management

Product management

Product stakeholders and users management

Product risk management

Participating in decisions

Scope management

Scope change management


Time planning

Cost planning

Project Release Planning, Project Support Planning and Product Support Planning

Project risk management

Time estimation

Waste management

Decisions making


Business value points measurement

Attitude management

Defects analysis

Observing and optimizing

Program management participation and Supporting

Closing projects

Managing the Transparent Board of Project Issues

Business Value Oriented Product Management

Participating in creations of business plans

Product risk management

Product research practices

Product Backlog management

Product Backlog Prioritization

Product development practices

Product optimization practices

Product support activities

Business Value Oriented People Management (BVOPPM)

Establishing and spreading people and business-oriented culture

Aligning people with organizational strategies

Motivation management

Personal development management

Emotions management

Conflicts management

Fear management

Candidates management, Onboarding and Offboarding

Business Value Oriented Priorities

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