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Establishing and spreading a people-and-business-oriented culture

Establishing and spreading people-and-business-oriented culture

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Establishing and spreading people-and-business-oriented culture

The following article is part of the self-preparation for the modern BVOP® Human Resources Management Professional Certification program.

This chapter explains the concept of Establishing people-and-business-oriented culture in the context of BVOP.

  1. Establishing people-and-business-oriented culture
  2. Spreading culture across the organization

Establishing people-and-business-oriented culture

The Business Value-Oriented People Management (BVOPPM) office develops a people-and-business-oriented culture in which everyone in the organization is perceived and treated as a human being and a business partner at the same time. The culture supports formal and friendly relations equally because this helps people to relate to each other openly and positively. At the same time, all responsibilities are taken seriously.

The BVOPPM office creates cultural and behavioral rules and suggestions or modifies them when needed. The modifications are based on the perception and adoption of the culture by the people.

People-and-business-oriented culture may include:

  • Treating everyone as a person and a business partner at the same time.
  • Respecting others' emotions, feelings, and peculiarities.
  • Respecting others' time and responsibilities.
  • Accepting and following organizational strategies and missions.
  • Business etiquette.
  • Positive and supportive attitude. 

Spreading culture across the organization

The culture of the organization needs to be spread across all offices, departments, teams, individuals, and even to external interested parties that may need to understand it and align their interactions with the requirements.

A culture that involves personal and business relations may not be easy to establish and understand. 

Accepting and understanding a specific culture may need time and effort. Some people may not comprehend the ideas and goals of the organizational culture, which is normal.

People usually perceive and accept ideas and behavior when they experience them first. Accepting new ideas needs time.

Comments from the BVOP™ community on “Establishing and spreading a people-and-business-oriented culture”


BVOPPM office develops a culture where everyone is treated as a human and a business partner. The culture supports friendly relations while taking responsibilities seriously. BVOPPM creates and modifies cultural rules based on people's perception and adoption. The culture includes treating everyone with respect, following organizational strategies, and maintaining a positive attitude.

Spread organizational culture to all offices, teams, individuals, and interested parties. Establishing a culture of personal and business relations may be difficult to understand and accept. It takes time and effort to comprehend and accept a specific culture. Accepting new ideas takes time as people need to experience them first.

Comments on “Establishing and spreading people-and-business-oriented culture”

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