Program Director Certification

Be Certified Program Director with the BVOP Program Director certification program

About the BVOP Program Director Certification program

Modern program directors need an improved certification program, adapted to the dynamic organizations, projects, teams and methodologies.

The Business Value Oriented Principles (BVOP) BVOP teache program directors of complete dedication and wise management of the organization's programs and requires them to have knowledge in all areas needed by contemporary project development, optimized program management and positive team support.

The mission of the BVOP Program Director certification is to make program directors flexible in every respect, to have strong knowledge of program management and to understand fully, contribute to and improve the organizational culture and the management and development of programs and projects.

The BVOP Program Director

The certified BVOP Program Director is the most important figure in program management of the organization. He directs program managers and demands professionalism, progress and flourishing of the organizational portfolio in a positive light.

The BVOP Program Director has a full understanding of organizational culture and objectives. With deep knowledge in program, project and product management and with the mission of improving people in the organization, the program director must achieve prosperity, profit, optimization and success of the projects.

The Certified BVOP Program Director supports not only program managers, but also project and product managers. The problems of everyone in the production chain have been traced and rapid and adequate responses have been made. The BVOP Program Director has the necessary knowledge that can be applied wherever needed and they make quick and important decisions and smart and efficient strategies.

Program Director Certification | Certified BVOP Program Director

Who should apply for BVOP Program Director certification?

  • Current Program Directors
  • Program managers
  • Project managers
  • Product managers
  • Professionals planning to develop a career as a program director

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Why you should apply for BVOP Program Director certificate?

The desire for personal development and, at the same time, a passion for improving organizational processes, programs, projects and teams should be of paramount importance to the certified BVOP Program Director.

Program directors need high level of awareness of the organization's problems, project needs and knowledge of day-to-day work of the project teams. The certified BVOP Program Director successfully manage programs and projects and is focused on organizational goals and balances the needs of projects, profits, success and human relationships.

Assessment topics

  • Introduction
  • Business Value Oriented Program Management
  • Business Value Oriented Project Management
  • Business Value Oriented Product Management
  • Business Value Oriented People Management
  • General topics

Certification process

3. Learn the entire BVOP Ultimate Guide.


  • Previous experience as a Program director, Program, Project or Product manager is highly desired


The BVOP Program Director certification is currently offered for $720   $490.