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Business Value-Oriented Principles

"Business Value-Oriented Principles" is an online academic and scientific journal focused on modern management and managers from popular industries. The journal publishes free materials and aims to deliver the collected knowledge to a worldwide audience.


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Volume 1, 2020

Volume 1, 2020

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Volume 1, 2021

Volume 1, 2021

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Volume 1, 2022

Volume 1, 2022

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How to attract and retain the best employees? Employee retention tips for everyone

Author: Amelia Williams

Employee retention continues to be one of the biggest challenges facing businesses in recent years.

Creating a company culture that encourages creative thinking

Author: Charlotte Bennet

Creating a company culture that encourages creative thinking and curiosity can provide employees with the boost of inspiration they need.

How does employee experience affect the company's success?

Author: Kaarina Nieminen

The term Employee Experience comes from marketing and describes the customer's experience in contact with the company.

What is Ethical Leadership: How to be an Ethical Leader

Author: Amelia Williams

What is Ethical Leadership? We are constantly witnessing unethical behavior on the part of a business or political leaders around the world. 

OSCAR coaching model of Gilbert and Whittleworth

Author: Amber Salomons

The OSCAR coaching model was developed by British coaching experts Andrew Gilbert and Karen Whittleworth in 2002.

What is strategic planning and how to write a strategic plan?

Author: Klaus Schmidt

The strategic plan is a document used to communicate in the organization about its main goals, the necessary actions to achieve them, and other key elements developed during planning.

Ringelmann effect: Studies of group size and group performance

Author: Lucas Augustin

Under the name Ringelmann effect, there is a tendency according to which there is an inverse relationship between the number of a group of people and its productivity.

What is Parkinson's Law and how to overcome it?

Author: Lucas Augustin

Parkinson's Law explains why it happens that a job takes much longer than planned.

How to improve your negotiation skills and conduct successful negotiations

Author: Natalia Novoa

Many people see the negotiations as an unpleasant, stressful moment that should be avoided at all costs.

New business organization

Author: Will Mattingley

Modern business management for managers

Skills and roles of the manager

Author: Alexander Jonas

What are the important skills of the manager and what roles he performs?

Strategies for stress management in the organization

Author: Charlotte Bergeron

All employees and managers of an organization experience stress, which has been a major topic for research in recent years.

What is Lean Six Sigma (6 sigma explained)

Author: Anna Wagner

Six Sigma is a structured method based on statistical tools and techniques to improve the process applied in the project management principles.

Manager or Leader: What are the differences and similarities

Author: Louise Dupont

What are the differences and similarities between the manager and the leader?

Cog's ladder of group development

Author: Bianca P Robson

Cog's Ladder is a popular tool with which managers can better understand the dynamics of a group, respectively, and accelerate its development.

The five functions of Fayol's management

Author: Alexander Jonas

Henri Fayol identified 5 functions of management, which he labeled: planning, organizing, commanding, coordinating, and controlling

Changes in the Scrum Guide from 2020 - New in Scrum explained with examples

Author: Anton Radev

What are the new changes in the Scrum Guide from 2020? The current content is now 13 instead of 19 pages. Are the changes significant for the whole Agile society?

RACI matrix of responsibilities

Author: Beatrice Alvaro

The RACI matrix of responsibilities is a popular tool in project management practices. When there is a common task to be done in a team, sometimes there is a problem with responsibility.

The differences between Project Manager and Product Manager

Author: Anton Radev

The article describes the informal differences between the project manager and the product manager and gives examples and explains many situations, responsibilities, and obligations of the two positions.

What is marketing and types of social groups’ research

Author: Kyler Schmidt

The report explains what marketing is and examines the study of social groups as a management strategy for product production.

Top 6 Project Management Trends for 2022

Author: Anton Radev

What will happen to project management in 2022? The article describes the professional opinion of Anton Radev, Managing Director of Project Management Academy Ltd (PMA)

Different types of managers

Author: Marta Rodrigues

Good management is a matter of well-chosen managers. They are the intermediaries between all employees in the company or organization

What is a business plan? Complete instructions on how to write one

Author: Oliver Cassell

What is a business plan: definition and instructions on how to write an extended business plan and product strategy. The business plan is a guideline document to help a company manage its expectation and issues related to product strategy and development.

Career planning and development: Definition and goals of career development

Author: Amelia Williams

Career planning and development: Definition and goals of career development. A career is a set of positions that a person has held in his professional life. Career planning is a process in which personal skills, qualities, knowledge, motivation, and other characteristics are realized, information about job opportunities and choices is collected

What is the Product Life Cycle and what are its phases and cycles. Strategies for the stages of the product life cycle

Author: Amber Salomons

Definition of the product life cycle and which are the phases and periods of the product life cycle. Strategies for dealing with marketing problems in different phases.

Organizational change management in successful companies

Author: Bianca P Robson

Organizational change management in successful companies depends on many factors like employee engagement, motivation and the application of strategies in the process of change

What is the internal recruitment? Internal recruitment as part of the career planning process

Author: Amelia Williams

Internal recruitment is the decision to relocate current employees to vacancies in the organization. These staff actions include promotion, transfer, or relocation, but at the same hierarchical level up and downgrading of employees to a higher or lower hierarchical level.

Market research. Definition and classification of market research

Author: Will Mattingley

Market research. Definition and classification of market research. Problems and subjects of research.