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Your publications must be completely original and aimed at business, managerial, professional or academic audiences. The journal will not publish advertising materials.

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Correct use of English.

Create a title that clearly indicates the topic of the article.

Your material should be long enough to detail all of the issues related to the subject of your article. However, the material should not exceed fifty thousand characters (approximately 16 pages).

The content of your publications should provide accurate, practical, and useful information to the audience.

Write about useful results, observations, research, case studies, use cases, experiments or informative topics. Articles such as "How to", "What is", "Why to", "Pros and cons" are also accepted.

We will publish materials in the following areas:
Management, corporate development, product development, programming, design, usability, human resources, process optimization. More specific sample topics may be related to areas such as Project management, Product management, Agile, Kaizen, Kanban, Lean, Scrum, Human Resource Management, productivity, professional development. Study materials for business students will also be accepted.

Create subheadings for each subtopic. Avoid too long passages that are not separated by subheadings. A subtitle is usually needed for every 300 words.

Include references to scientific, academic, and reputable credible sources.

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