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Be a Certified Agile Director with the BVOP Agile Director certification program

About the BVOP Agile Director Certification program

Modern managers and directors in Agile organizations need unique and up-to-date certification programs. Managing Agile organizations, products, and teams is a complex process that, besides responsibilities, requires a lot of knowledge and serious qualifications.

The certified BVOP Agile Director creates and commands at the highest level the culture, processes, practices, and workflows in the Agile organization.

Business Value-Oriented Principles (BVOP™) teach today's Agile Directors the dedication and responsibility. The training for the certification program includes many practices from the modern project, product, and people management.

The BVOP Agile Director

The certified BVOP Agile Director is the most advanced and important role inside a product and service-based companies.

The BVOP Agile Director implements and creates modern and appropriate Agile philosophies, practices, processes, and work processes in organizations and teams.

This role assists the Scrum Master and Product Owner positions fully and takes care of their well-being and productivity. The Agile Director teaches them the most appropriate rules, practices, and principles based on organizational culture, goals, and mission.

Who should apply for a BVOP Agile Director certification?

  • Agile Coaches
  • Product Owners
  • Scrum Masters
  • Project Managers
  • Product Managers
  • Chief Executives (CEO or CTO)
  • Professionals planning to develop a career as an Agile Director
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Why should you apply for a BVOP Agile Director certificate?

As Agile Director, you will have the power to stop the clutter in your organization, and you will impose your own rules of work, principles, understandings, and approaches to every situation.

As a director, you will communicate with senior executives and management roles on the implementation and ongoing improvement of Agile practices and processes in your organization.

You will be responsible for the productivity of the teams and the business value of your products.

You will manage and support the Scrum Master and Product Owner roles by setting new rules based on your competence and skills.

Creating and managing modern and dynamic products will be under your control and will make constant efforts. You will demonstrate a desire for improvement, eliminate unnecessary processes, and take care of your organization's clean Agile culture.

Assessment topics

  • Introduction
  • Business Value-Oriented Program Management
  • Business Value-Oriented Project Management
  • Business Value-Oriented Product Management
  • Business Value-Oriented People Management
  • And the full BVOP™ Agile Guide

Certification process

Learn the entire BVOP Ultimate Guide and the full BVOP™ Agile Guide.


  • Previous Agile experience is desired.


The BVOP Agile Director certification is currently offered for $440   $180.

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BVOP Community Reviews
Richard Jackson, BVOP Agile Director

This certification program is unique not only because of its modernity and timeliness but also because of the serious topics it offers to professionals. BVOP puts an end to Agile chaos, misunderstandings, and misunderstandings of all the processes involved in an organization.

I strongly recommend that all Agile specialists take the road to BVOP and start looking after a better future in the business, product, project, and team management.

Joseph White, BVOP Agile Director

Over the past few years, I have been studying Scrum, Agile, Kanban, XP, Agile Coach trends, and everything popular in general. Unfortunately, all the time spent in courses and reading articles did not give me serious knowledge and visions of real Agile management.

BVOP changed this. He gave me a solid foundation of management principles, skills, and completely changed my way of thinking. I am proud of what I have achieved and will always strive for positive teams and will fight for the culture of the company I work for.

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  1. Carli Mabelle
    Hello dear. Is the Agile Director position equivalent to an Agile Coach? They sound like quite different positions to me. I suppose the director is higher in authority than the coach? Greetings!
  2. BVOP™
    Hi Carli! Thank you for your comment! You correctly conclude that Agile Director and Agile Coach are different positions. Our Agile Director certification aims to create a position that manages Agile organizations and teams, and has full authority and, above all, competencies. The main objective is to create an organizational office to support and impose successful teams in organizations that do not experience the constraints and stress of the senior management of the organization. Kind regards!
  3. Annabel Baldridge
    Hi BVOP, It is mentioned in the certification program requirements that previous Agile experience is desirable. Can you elaborate on this requirement in a little more detail? I work in an entirely Scrum organized team with Product Owner, Agile Coach, and Scrum Master. I think I know our processes quite well. I've been working in this environment for about a year and a half. Is this my experience sufficient?
  4. BVOP™
    Dear Annabel,

    It's great that you have such a strong Agile experience. Undoubtedly, the roles described in the teams and projects described above have a significant impact on the culture, environment and habits of everyone in your organization.

    "Previous Agile experience is desired" means that it would be much easier for you to learn the material and take your online exam. We do not have any regulated restrictions to stop applicants from passing certification exams.

    About a year and a half in this team would not be a factor in answering whether your experience would be sufficient to earn a certificate. We can only point out our official requirement that it is actually to learn the training materials in our guides.

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