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Be a Certified Professional with the BVOP Project Management online certification program

About the BVOP Project Management Certification Program

Modern project management requires much more experience, dedication, skills, responsibilities. A certified project manager must have skills in multiple fields to manage dynamic and complex projects involving different roles and stakeholder.

The BVOP state that a project manager should have knowledge in areas beyond his usual and day-to-day practice and activities. The BVOP Project Management does not depend on Agile or Waterfall methodologies but extends them with new responsibilities and activities.

Project managers from the 21st century should be responsible and competent individuals open to innovation and adequate process changes.

The BVOP Project Manager

The BVOP Project Manager is an advanced and new role that closely interacts with business representatives, program directors, cross-teams, and various stakeholders.

The Business Value Oriented Project Management focuses on agile, transparent, and efficient processes where all involved parties participate in projects together following both people and business-oriented principles.

The BVOP Project Manager understands product management, people management, technology, development practices, and address issues quickly, responsibly and adequately.

The BVOP Project Manager has the power and authority to change processes, make decisions, and influence teams and projects positively.

Who should apply for a BVOP Project Management certification?

  • Senior project managers
  • Novice project managers
  • Product managers
  • Product owners
  • Scrum masters or Certified scrum masters
  • Business analysts
  • Professionals started their career recently
  • Professionals planning to develop a career as project managers
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Why you should apply for a BVOP Project Manager certificate?

The BVOP Project management certification program is designed to meet the needs of dynamic organizations and projects where success lies on the shoulders of responsible and experienced teams and managers.

As a certified BVOP Project Manager, you will be struggling to improve the processes and teams in your organization. You will make quick decisions and many people will rely on you in every respect.

The BVOP will teach you constant development, thirst for skills and positive and constructive project management.

Exam topics

Introduction, Business Value Oriented Program Management, Business Value Oriented Project Management, Business Value Oriented Product Management and the General Topics sections

Online Certification Process

Learn the Introduction, Business Value Oriented Product Management (BVOPDM), Business Value Oriented Project Management (BVOPM) and the General Topics sections included in the BVOP Ultimate Guide.

The certification program is completely online and includes online training materials.


Deep understanding and knowledge of the required topics from the BVOP Ultimate Guide. Previous project management certificates or experience as a project manager is desired. Understanding of general and popular project management terminology.


The BVOP Project Manager certification is currently offered for $280   $130 plus additional support tax of $8.00 USD.

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BVOP Community Reviews
Stephen Jones, Certified BVOP Project Manager

Project management is a matter that is either overly formalized with surpluses, as is the old traditional teachings, or there is no clarity, details, and guidelines as modern Agile philosophies and trends.

BVOP has finally given me real knowledge, beliefs, and confidence in managing modern projects, while at the same time removing the excess focus on unapplicable practices and rules that many people follow blindly. And this only leads to company losses and demotivation among teams.

I will apply BVOP to my daily practices and communication. I believe that one day, as well as all BVOP certified project managers and the entire management society, we will together create new, positive and constructive working conditions.

Ryan Brown, Certified BVOP Project Manager

I would like to express my gratitude to the Business Value Oriented Principles Institute for providing free educational materials and knowledge.

BVOP is a valuable resource for the entire management sphere worldwide. The knowledge I gained after receiving my certificate is unique, logical and modern.

I recommend that everyone at least read The BVOP Ultimate Guide to understand how much everything can change for the better.

Shirley Parker, Certified BVOP Project Manager

Thanks for this wonderful opportunity to obtain a project management certificate that I am really proud of.

BVOP has given me a lot of new knowledge, ideas and views for management as a whole. The statement that the modern project manager must go beyond the limitations of traditional understandings and practices also applies to me.

I strongly recommend this certification program. This training and new knowledge will completely change you, and that will change your organization for the better.

Samantha Evans, Certified BVOP Project Manager

I have been thinking for a long time about what certification program to sign up for. I did a lot of research and actually understood the differences between BVOP and other programs. And they are huge.

Today I possess a great knowledge not only in project management but also in product management. I understand the interactions between the different teams, their problems, and needs.

This helps me in the relationship both with the senior management and with the development teams.

Jasmina Evans

Thank you for this new, updated and easily accessible knowledge. I am proud to be part of this new management society.

I wish everyone a great success and wisdom in their organizations along this modern and flexible path.