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Be a Certified Manager with the BVOP® Agile Project Management certification online program

About the BVOP® Project Management Certification Program

Modern management requires experience, dedication, skills, and responsibility. A certified professional must possess expertise in multiple fields to manage dynamic and complex Agile projects involving different roles and stakeholders.

The BVOP® emphasizes that project managers should possess competence in areas beyond their regular practices. Unlike Agile or Waterfall methodologies, BVOP® Project Management extends these approaches by introducing new responsibilities and activities.

Professionals from the 21st century should be responsible and competent individuals open to innovation and adequate process changes.

The BVOP® Project Manager

The BVOP® Project Manager plays an advanced role, collaborating closely with business representatives, program directors, cross-functional teams, and diverse stakeholders.

Business Value-Oriented Project Management emphasizes agile, transparent, and efficient processes. It encourages collaboration among all stakeholders, fostering a focus on both people and business-oriented principles to drive projects forward successfully.

The BVOP® Project Manager understands product management, people management, technology, development practices, and addresses issues quickly, responsibly, and adequately.

In conclusion, the BVOP® professional has the power and authority to change processes, make decisions, and influence teams and projects positively.

Project Management Certification with over 95% success rate

Almost all candidates pass the exam the first time without having to retake it. We achieve this high success above all through the mock tests we offer to all registered users.

By providing peace of mind through an online test, we greatly increase the chances of passing the exam

Bonus Mock Certification Exams

Each registered user receives mock exams for our program.

No human presence during your certification exam

An online certification test without monitoring and stress caused by human presence brings even more success to applicants.

Lifetime validity of the certificate

"Our project management certification offers you documents that never expire, removing the need for future renewal fees or acquiring new certificates.

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BVOP ™ in the media.

The title BVOP Certified Project Manager is for senior practitioners with experience in both project management and people management. The focus on a people-oriented culture sets it apart from other project management certification programs. Sharon Florentine, Senior Writer, CIO
Our organization analyzed the BVOP methodology and the outcomes were quite effective. In addition, I was happy to write my publication for our magazine as I always prefer to refer to objective evidence and analysis. BVOP is definitely not an entry-level project management certification. Marta Cooper, Chief Editor, PolicyMatters, ISSN: 1941-8280, University of California
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BVOP provides new Agile inception to the whole community. I choose to write material quoting your guides. In the end, there is always inspiring material. Ashton Williams, Publisher of Scrum Time, ISSN: 2652-5445
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With the BVOP Agile teaching, my academy endorses hundreds of modern professionals. Project Managers, Scrum Masters, Product Managers, and Human Resource experts now share common beliefs and strive for new higher priorities. After that, leading and directing projects and agile methodologies have changed. Anton Radev, Managing Director of Project Management Academy Ltd
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Who is our project management certification aimed at?

  • Senior Project Managers
  • Agile Professionals
  • Product Managers and Owners
  • Scrum Masters
  • Business Analysts
  • Professionals who started their careers recently
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Why should you apply for a BVOP® certificate?

The BVOP® certification program specifically caters to the needs of dynamic organizations and projects. It focuses on empowering responsible and experienced teams and managers, who play a crucial role in achieving success.

As a certified BVOP® Project Manager, you will strive to improve the processes and teams in your organization. As a result, you will make quick decisions, and many people will rely on you in every respect.

The BVOP® will teach you constant development, a thirst for skills, and positive and constructive project management.

Exam topics

Introduction, Business Value-Oriented Program Management, Business Value-Oriented Project Management, and Business Value-Oriented Product Management sections

Online Certification Process

Create your BVOP account and choose a certification program.

Make a payment for the certification assessment to reserve your price with a discount. You can attend the assessment test at any time later.

Learn About the Business Value-Oriented Principles. Business Value-Oriented Program Management (BVOPGM). Business Value-Oriented Product Management (BVOPDM). And the Business Value-Oriented Project Management (BVOPM) sections included in the BVOP® Ultimate Guide.

When you feel confident enough, log in to your account and start your assessment test. If your passing score is more than 75% you will obtain your certificate.

The certification program is completely online.


Deep understanding and knowledge of the required topics from the BVOP® Ultimate Guide. We desire previous project management certificates or experience as a project manager. But we don't demand. Everyone is welcome.

Understanding of general and popular project management language.


We currently offer the BVOP® Project Manager certification for $280   $130.

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Benefits of Project Management Certification

Project management is a critical discipline that ensures the successful execution of projects within organizations. Obtaining a project management certification offers numerous benefits to professionals in this field. Unlocking the advantages of project management certification, we delve into its ability to enhance career prospects and drive positive project outcomes.

Enhanced Professional Credibility

Project management certification provides professionals with enhanced credibility in the field. By earning a recognized certification, individuals validate their skills, knowledge, and expertise in project management. Employers, colleagues, and stakeholders perceive certified professionals as competent and reliable project leaders, granting them respect and credibility.

Increased Career Opportunities

Acquiring a project management certification opens doors to increased career opportunities. Many organizations prioritize certified professionals for project management roles, as certification demonstrates their ability to effectively lead and manage projects. Certified project managers have an edge in the job market and can easily advance their careers within organizations.

Advanced Project Management Skills

Project management certification equips professionals with advanced project management skills. Certification programs cover a comprehensive range of project management principles, methodologies, and best practices. Certified project managers gain a deep understanding of project initiation, planning, execution, monitoring, and closure. This knowledge empowers them to efficiently manage projects and achieve successful outcomes.

Improved Project Success Rates

Project management certification contributes to improved project success rates. Certified professionals possess a solid understanding of project management processes, tools, and techniques. This knowledge enables them to identify and address risks, efficiently manage resources, and ensure timely completion of project goals. Their expertise minimizes the likelihood of project failures and increases the chances of project success.

Enhanced Leadership and Communication Skills

Project management certification enhances leadership and communication skills. Certified project managers excel in stakeholder management, team collaboration, and effective communication. They can effectively lead project teams, motivate individuals, resolve conflicts, and influence stakeholders to achieve project objectives. These enhanced skills contribute to better project coordination, team productivity, and overall project success.

Networking and Professional Development

Project management certification provides opportunities for networking and professional development. Certified professionals can join project management associations, attend conferences, and engage in industry events.

Project managers can utilize these platforms to network with industry peers, fostering knowledge-sharing and collaboration. They can also stay up-to-date on the latest advancements and best practices in project management through these platforms.

By actively participating in these online communities, they can enhance their skills and stay ahead in their field. Networking and professional development activities enhance professional growth and expand career opportunities.

Recognition as a Project Management Expert

Project management certification recognizes individuals as experts in the field. Certification demonstrates a commitment to professional development and adherence to project management best practices. Employers acknowledge certified professionals for their mastery of project management principles and their ability to successfully manage projects. This recognition establishes them as credible authorities in project management and opens doors to new and challenging projects.

Project management certification offers a wide range of benefits to professionals seeking to advance their careers in project management.

Certification is crucial for the professional growth and success of project managers. It offers a wide range of benefits, including:

  1. Enhanced professional credibility and expanded career opportunities.
  2. Advanced project management skills and higher project success rates.
  3. Improved leadership and communication abilities.
  4. Networking opportunities and avenues for professional development.
  5. Recognition as experts in project management.

These advantages highlight the significant role that certification plays in empowering project managers and propelling their careers forward.

Acquiring a project management certification demonstrates professionals' commitment to excellence and validates their expertise. It also provides a competitive advantage in the ever-evolving field of project management.

Target Audience for Project Management Certification

Project management certification programs attract professionals from diverse backgrounds who aspire to excel in the field of project management. By pursuing project management certification, individuals can enhance their skills, knowledge, and career prospects in this rapidly evolving discipline. Through an examination of the target audience, we can identify potential recipients of project management certification. This esteemed credential offers valuable advantages to individuals who acquire it.

Experienced Project Managers

Project management accreditation is ideal for experienced project managers who have a proven track record of successfully managing projects. These professionals have the opportunity to enhance their skills and acquire industry-recognized credentials. They can also stay updated with the latest project management practices and methodologies.

Aspiring Project Managers

Project management certification is also suitable for individuals aspiring to become project managers. Whether you are new to project management or switching from another field, certification provides you with essential knowledge and skills. These are essential for succeeding in this dynamic role.

Career Changers

Project management validation offers an excellent opportunity for career changers who are looking to enter the project management field. Having transferable skills like leadership, organization, and problem-solving is beneficial for a transition into project management. Obtaining project management certification further enhances your chances of a successful career transition.

Team Members and Stakeholders

Project management certification benefits team members and stakeholders by providing a deeper understanding of project management processes. It enables them to effectively contribute to project success. By obtaining certification, team members can align their efforts with project objectives, communicate more effectively, and enhance their collaboration skills.

Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

Entrepreneurs and small business owners who often handle projects within their organizations can benefit from project management certification. It equips them with the necessary skills and knowledge to efficiently plan, execute, and control projects. With improved resource allocation, timely delivery, and overall business success, they can effectively manage their projects.

Professionals from various backgrounds understand the importance of project management certification. This includes experienced project managers, aspiring project managers, career changers, team members, stakeholders, entrepreneurs, and small business owners.

Obtaining certification helps individuals enhance their project management skills. It also unlocks new career opportunities for them. Moreover, it enables them to play a crucial role in driving successful project outcomes.

Project management certification serves as a valuable asset in today's competitive business environment. It can contribute to personal growth, professional advancement, and organizational success.

The Comprehensive Approach: BVOP Project Management Certificate and the Integration of Program and Product Management

In today's dynamic project landscape, successful project managers need to possess a diverse skill set that extends beyond traditional project management. BVOP project management certificate candidates undergo comprehensive training that recognizes the need for project management, program management, and product management.

The training covers a wide range of skills and knowledge to meet the demands of today's projects. This integrated approach equips professionals with a holistic understanding of modern projects and enhances their flexibility to meet evolving industry demands.

Understanding the BVOP Project Management Certification

The BVOP project management certificate is a highly regarded credential that emphasizes a well-rounded approach to project management. Candidates pursuing this certificate expand beyond conventional project management and explore program management and product management. This comprehensive approach equips them with a diverse skill set to handle complex projects.

Embracing Program Management

BVOP project management certificate candidates study program management, which focuses on managing multiple related projects collectively known as a program. Project managers gain the ability to understand the connections between projects and align them with organizational goals. They can also effectively coordinate resources and stakeholders across the program. Understanding program management provides project managers with a strategic perspective and the ability to navigate complexities inherent in large-scale initiatives.

Mastering Product Management

BVOPM certification candidates also delve into product management, recognizing the importance of delivering value through products and services. By understanding product management principles, project managers gain insights into the entire product lifecycle. This includes ideation and development to launch and maintenance. This knowledge empowers them to better align project outcomes with customer needs, ensure product quality, and drive innovation within project results.

The Advantages of Integration

By integrating program management and product management, the BVOP project management certificate curriculum develops a well-rounded skill set. These comprehensive approaches enable candidates to excel in complex, modern projects. They promote a broader understanding of project contexts and enhance strategic thinking. Additionally, they equip project managers to confidently handle diverse project scenarios.

Improved Flexibility

The BVOP project management certificate program integrates program management and product management. This enhances professionals' flexibility in the evolving project landscape.

Project managers with a broader skill set are well-prepared for emerging challenges. They can embrace innovative approaches and effectively lead projects in various domains and industries. They also embrace innovative approaches.

The BVOP project management certificate stands out with its comprehensive approach. It integrates program management and product management with project management.

This holistic training equips professionals with a versatile skill set, empowering them to navigate modern projects with confidence and flexibility. This holistic training equips professionals with a versatile skill set, empowering them to navigate modern projects with confidence and flexibility.

The BVOP combines these disciplines. It prepares candidates for success in complex project environments. It contributes to the success of projects, programs, and organizations in today's business landscape.

Prerequisites for BVOP Project Management Certification

BVOP project management certification offers professionals an opportunity to enhance their project management skills and advance their careers. One of the distinguishing aspects of BVOP certification is its flexibility in terms of prerequisites. In this section, we discuss the prerequisites for BVOP project management certification. We also provide information on the knowledge and experience required to pursue this valuable credential.

No Strict Requirements

BVOP does not have strict prerequisites for individuals aspiring to obtain project management certification. The BVOP program differs from some certifications that have strict requirements for educational background or professional experience. Instead, BVOP welcomes candidates from diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Thorough Understanding of BVOP Topics

BVOP certification does not have strict requirements. However, a thorough understanding of the required topics from the BVOP Ultimate Guide is essential for successful certification. The BVOP Ultimate Guide covers a wide range of project management principles, methodologies, and best practices.

The expectation is for candidates to actively study these topics. It helps them build a strong foundation in project management.

No Previous Project Management Experience Required

The BVOP process is open to individuals without previous experience as project managers. It is an ideal choice for those entering the field. It is also suitable for professionals transitioning from other disciplines into project management.

Obtaining a BVOP document equips individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills. It enables them to embark on a successful project management career journey.

Benefits of Flexibility

BVOP's approach to prerequisites is flexible and inclusive. It welcomes individuals from diverse educational and professional backgrounds to pursue project management certification. This fosters diversity within the project management community and encourages individuals to contribute to the field, regardless of their prior experience.

Commitment to Knowledge and Excellence

BVOP certification has flexible prerequisites. However, it requires a strong dedication to learning and a commitment to understanding project management principles. Candidates demonstrate their expertise and commitment by mastering BVOP topics and validating their excellence in project management.

BVOP offers professionals a pathway to enhance their project management skills and expand their career opportunities. With no strict prerequisites, individuals from diverse backgrounds can pursue this certification. However, a thorough understanding of the BVOP Ultimate Guide topics is crucial for successful certification. Acquiring BVOP certification showcases individuals' dedication to project management knowledge and excellence, irrespective of their prior experience in the field.

The Value of Project Management Certification in Advancing Your Career

In today's competitive business landscape, project management certification plays a crucial role in achieving success. It validates your skills, demonstrates expertise, and unlocks exciting career opportunities. In this section, we will explore the significance and benefits of popular project management certifications. These certifications include PMP, Scrum Alliance, Business Analysis, PMI-ACP, Certified Project Director, and CompTIA Project+.

BVOP Certified Project Manager

The BVOP Certified Project Manager (BVOPM) certification is gaining recognition for its unique approach to project management. BVOP focuses on optimizing organizational processes, fostering collaboration, and maximizing efficiency. BVOP equips Certified Project Managers with comprehensive skills in project planning, risk management, team collaboration, and business value optimization.

This certification emphasizes the human-centric aspect of project management, highlighting the importance of effective communication, leadership, and team dynamics. Continuous improvement and agility are key principles in BVOP, promoting flexibility and innovation in project execution. The BVOP community offers a supportive network for knowledge exchange and professional growth. The BVOP Certified Project Manager certification is ideal for professionals aiming to drive business value and lead successful projects.

Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification

The Project Management Institute (PMI) offers the highly recognized and respected PMP certification in the field. It validates your knowledge and proficiency in project management best practices and methodologies. The PMP exam evaluates your PMBOK knowledge and prepares you for successful project leadership.

Scrum Alliance

Scrum Alliance provides certifications that focus on agile project management, with an emphasis on the Scrum framework. Scrum certifications, like Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) and Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO), improve project management, team collaboration, and stakeholder value delivery.

Business Analysis Certifications

Business analysis is crucial in project management. Obtaining a business analysis certification can greatly improve your project management skills. Certifications such as CBAP and PMI-PBA validate your expertise in requirements gathering.

These certifications demonstrate your proficiency in this crucial aspect of business analysis. They also demonstrate your proficiency in stakeholder management and process improvement.

PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)

As agile methodologies gain prominence in project management, the PMI-ACP certification becomes highly valuable. It demonstrates your ability to lead agile projects, adapt to change, and deliver continuous value. This certification showcases your proficiency in various agile approaches, including Scrum, Kanban, Lean, and XP.

Certified Project Director

The Certified Project Director certification recognizes professionals who have achieved the highest level of project management expertise. This certification requires a comprehensive assessment of your project management experience, knowledge, and leadership abilities. It demonstrates your capability to oversee complex projects and drive strategic initiatives to successful completion.

CompTIA Project+

The CompTIA Project+ certification focuses on foundational project management skills and is ideal for entry-level project managers. It covers essential project management concepts, communication, team management, and project documentation. This certification establishes a strong foundation for aspiring project managers and validates their understanding of project management fundamentals.

Obtaining project management certifications, such as PMP, Scrum Alliance, and Business Analysis, offers career advancement benefits. In addition, let's mention the wonderful PMI-ACP, Certified Project Director, or CompTIA Project+.

These certifications validate expertise, expand knowledge, and enhance credibility in project management. Whether you prefer traditional or agile methodologies, there is a certification suited to your needs. Invest in professional development, gain a competitive edge, and propel your career with a project management certification.

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Reviews from BVOP professionals

Stephen Jones

People often approach project management with either excessive formality and outdated teachings or a lack of clarity, details, and guidelines. This creates a contrast between traditional and modern Agile philosophies and trends.

BVOP has provided me with valuable knowledge, beliefs, and confidence in managing modern projects. It has also helped me let go of irrelevant practices and rules that many people blindly follow. And this only leads to company losses and decreased motivation among teams.

Therefore, I will apply BVOP to my daily practices and communication. I believe that one day we will create new, positive, and constructive working conditions. This includes all BVOP-certified project managers and the entire management society.

Ryan Brown

I'm grateful to the Business Value-Oriented Principles Institute for providing educational materials for this project management certification.

BVOP is a valuable resource for the entire management sphere worldwide. The knowledge I gained after receiving my certificate is unique, logical, and modern.

I recommend that everyone at least read The BVOP Ultimate Guide to understand how much everything can change for the better.

Shirley Parker

Thanks for this wonderful opportunity to obtain a project management certificate that I am really proud of.

BVOP has given me a lot of new knowledge, ideas, and views for management as a whole. The statement that the modern project manager must go beyond the limitations of traditional understandings and practices also applies to me.

I strongly recommend this certification program. This project management training and new knowledge will completely change you, and that will change your organization for the better.

Samantha Evans

I have been thinking for a long time about what certification program to sign up for. I did a lot of research and actually understood the differences between BVOP and other programs. And they are huge.

Today I possess great knowledge not only in project management but also in product management. I understand the interactions between the different teams, their problems, and their needs.

This helps me in the relationship both with the senior management and with the development teams.

Jasmina Evans

Thank you for this modern, important, and easily accessible knowledge. I am proud to be part of this new management society.

I wish everyone great success and wisdom in their organizations along this modern and flexible path.

Angel Petrov

Learning, work, and determination achieve everything. I am proud of myself that I went through the project management training and reached my final goal. BVOP teaching is truly unique and powerful. The whole world needs these business and management views and principles.

I recommend that everyone at least be familiar with the principles and teachings. It's there for everyone. After getting to know it in detail, go ahead with the certification.

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    Should you have any questions or require further clarification, please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team. We are here to assist you throughout your certification journey and ensure you have a seamless learning experience.

    Thank you for your commitment to advancing your skills with BVOP certifications. We look forward to supporting you in achieving your professional goals.
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    Upon clicking the "learn more" button in the Business Value-Oriented Project Management section, I noticed a series of learning materials available. My question is whether it is necessary for me to study all the materials related to "Business Value-Oriented Project Management (BVOPM)" such as "Documentation management," "Quality documentation management," "Product management," and others, before proceeding to take the certification test?

    Could you please provide some guidance on this matter?

    Thank you for your assistance.

    Best regards,
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    Regarding your question about the international market: Professionals from all over the world acquire BVOP documents. Keep in mind that BVOP is not a classic program and includes a variety of non-traditional topics. Each candidate for BVOPM studies additional topics such as product, organizational, program issues.

    The acquired documents are indefinite. You do not need to pay fees in time and take the exam again.

    You can easily share your document on Linkedin. A special URL will be printed on your document. You will find the sharing options there.

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    Hello There, I am here for Project management certification program. I have few queries regarding the program which are as follows: 1. What is the estimated duration of the course? 2. Is the certification justifiable according to standards of international market ? 3. Does the certificate has to be renewed after 4-5 years ? 4. Is the certificate sharable on LinkedIn? Thank you, waiting for your response .
  19. BVOP™

    Dear Nick,
    Thank you for your comment.

    We cannot share any precise estimate of the time needed to study. We assume that this would depend entirely on your ability to learn. However, as a high-level estimate, we can suggest that at least 30 hours may be needed.

    Additional factors that can affect the preparation time are also your previous experience and current knowledge. Also, if you have already taken BVOP exams, this is another positive factor. We recommend that you create a user profile and look carefully at the "Instructions" section. Additionally, please read the FAQ section of our website.

    Kind regards,
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  28. Joshua Moore
    I'm interested in Program Management. I can't write comments on the relevant page, that's why I'm writing to you here. I apologize. Do I need project management qualification and certification to take the Program Director exam? Thanks.
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    Each program requires learning different sections of the BVOP™ Ultimate Guide. We recommend that you try the trial exam before starting your real online exam to ensure that the results are satisfactory.

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    However, our project management certification does not overlap with the Scrum Master role but is an entirely separate and isolated project management role that follows its BVOP ™ optimization processes and practices. Kind regards

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