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Be a Certified Product Owner with the BVOP online certification program

About the BVOP Product Owner Certification Program

The BVOP Product Owner Certification program is designed for the modern Product Owner role which is very important in today's product management, following Agile Practices and the Scrum framework.

The BVOP changed the classical certification for product owners. The BVOP Certified Product Owner includes different views, guidelines, and adds new and important modern skills to product owners' tools.

The BVOP state that a Product Owner should have knowledge in areas beyond their usual day-to-day activities.

Product owners of the 21st century have skills in project management, product management, Agile methodologies, and most importantly, they can eliminate waste in products and add business value to any product-related initiative.

The BVOP Certified Product Owner

The BVOP Certified Product Owner is a new role that can independently handle any product development issues and create high quality and valuable products that users like.

A certified product owner can work perfectly well together with project managers, product managers, business stakeholders, developers, and with all of this focused on their goals - creating business value for products.

The BVOP Certified Product Owner implements risk management practices for the project and product at the same time if the organization excludes the role of the project manager in the development of its products.

Process management, planning, the ability to see waste and reduce it makes the BVOP Certified Product Owner an indispensable role in any Agile or Scrum environment.

Who should apply for BVOP Certified Product Owner?

  • Senior product owners
  • Novice product owners
  • Product managers
  • Project managers
  • Scrum masters
  • Business analysts
  • Quality Assurance professionals
  • Professionals planning to develop a career as product owner
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Why you should apply for the BVOP online certification?

As a BVOP Certified Product Owner, you will successfully implement Agile methodologies and Scrum processes in your organization and set up a new generation of product development.

As a BVOP Certified Product Owner, you will integrate a lot of modern and value-focused practices in product management and product development into your teams, and provide your organization with an optimistic future of its product portfolio.

You will be striving for optimization of waste, business value, validated production and meeting consumer and business needs simultaneously.

Exam topics

Introduction, Business Value Oriented Product Management, Business Value Oriented Project Management, Product Owner and Scrum Master roles and the General Topics sections

Certification process

3. Learn the Introduction, Business Value Oriented Product Management, Business Value Oriented Project Management, Product Owner and Scrum Master roles and the General Topics sections included in the BVOP Ultimate Guide.


Deep understanding and knowledge of the required topics from the BVOP Ultimate Guide. Previous product owner certificates or experience as a product owner is desired. Understanding of general and popular Agile and Scrum terminology.


The BVOP Certified Product Owner certification is currently offered for $180   $90.

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BVOP Community Reviews
John Wilson, BVOP Certified Product Owner

The Product Owner is a position that nobody understands, even the Product Owners themselves. Emphasizing this role and activity as something particularly special so far has not been provided with knowledge, definitions, and true working practices and processes.

As a certified BVOP Product Owner, I dare to say that I have real skills and confidence in the most important activities of this role and position. I am proud of myself and will apply everything learned every day.

I strongly recommend that every Product Owner read at least once the BVOP guidebook. Greetings and wishes for success and valuable products.

Robert Moore, BVOP Certified Product Owner

In my social circle and among colleagues, the Product Owner role is something that is not associated with much work, performance, and effort. On the contrary, they are all lazy, they do nothing special, and after all, companies and users suffer from it. The business can not take an adequate view of the counterproductive work of my colleagues.

Today, however, I believe that BVOP will give businesses and employers worldwide a transparent view of this role, and we will all become more productive together and will strive for collective work and co-operation.

I do not want to forget the unique techniques of prioritizing and managing the product backlog. From now on, I will know what to answer to any inconvenient question about it.

Oliver Miller, BVOP Certified Product Owner

Huge thanks to The Business Value Oriented Principles Institute for this unique online Product Owner Certification Program.

I worked for a long time as a project manager, but the new principles that BVOP gave to the public cheered me to turn to the product side related to the teams and projects.

I admit I did not like Scrum and Agile for lack of detail, rules, and order, but with BVOP's new advanced teachings, that's no longer the case. I respect, like and admire the modern understanding and way of thinking that BVOP provokes in the whole society involved in one way or another in products and projects development and management.

Jessica Johnson, BVOP Certified Product Owner

I have already realized how important it is for every responsible position, such as Product Owner, to understand not only standard popular studies but also additional management principles, practices, and processes.

I have always believed that this profession focuses on product development and business value delivery. But now I have the full clarity and knowledge of very detailed processes and interactions with teams, users and business managers. BVOP broadly expanded my understanding of this Agile role and changed my views and principles.

Thanks to the Business Value Oriented Principles Institute for this certification program, the interesting experience and the whole knowledge they shared with me.