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Our online Scrum Product Owner Certification program offers BVOP Accreditation. Any Agile professional can join the program. You can get a certificate immediately after passing an online exam. A high rate of success at an affordable price and minimal cost.

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Be a Certified Product Owner with the BVOP online certification program

We created the BVOP™ Product Owner certification program for the modern Agile professional. Additionally, our experts are very important members of the entire Scrum Team. They support each software developer. Also, today's product management following Agile practices and the Scrum framework is remarkably useful. Besides, BVOP™ fully supports Lean processes in the organization.

BVOP transformed the classical certification for product owners. BVOP™ combines different points of view and directions. Moreover, Agile-oriented professionals acquire new and essential modern skills.

BVOP states that a Product Owner should know areas beyond their usual day-to-day activities.

Scrum professionals of the 21st century have skills in project management, product management, and Agile methodologies. Moreover, they can eliminate waste in products and add business value to any product-related initiative.

The BVOP Certified Product Owner

The BVOP™ experts can independently handle any product development issues and create high quality and valuable products that users love.

Additionally, a BVOP™ certified professional can work perfectly well together with project managers, business stakeholders, and developers. As a result, they are focused on their goals - creating business value for products.

Our advanced graduates implement risk management practices for the project and product at the same time. In that case, if the organization excludes the role of the project manager in the development of its products, the BVOP Agile team members fill the gap. As a result, they often even improve development processes.

BVOP™ professionals have the skills of process management, planning, ability to identify and reduce waste. This makes our followers essential roles in any Agile and Scrum environment.

Who should enroll in the program?

  • Senior Agile and Scrum professionals
  • Novices and juniors
  • Directors and Senior managers
  • Project managers
  • Scrum Masters
  • Business analysts
  • Quality Assurance specialists
  • Experts planning to start a career in the field
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Why do you need to enroll in the online program?

By learning the principles and teachings of BVOP, you will implement Agile methodologies and Scrum processes inside your organization. Furthermore, you will set up a new generation of product development.

As a result, you will integrate a lot of modern and value-focused practices in product management and product development into your teams. Also, you will provide your organization with an optimistic future of its product portfolio.

Likewise, you will be striving for optimization of waste and business value. Validated production and meeting consumers' and business needs will be your top priority.

Exam topics

Introduction. Business Value-Oriented Product Management. Business Value-Oriented Project Management, and the full BVOP Agile Guide.

Certification process

3. Learn the Introduction, Business Value-Oriented Product Management, and Business Value-Oriented Project Management sections included in the BVOP Ultimate Guide and the full BVOP™ Agile Guide.

When you feel confident enough, login to your account and start your assessment test. You will obtain your certificate if your passing score is more than 75%.


Deep understanding and knowledge of the required topics from the BVOP Ultimate Guide. You do not need related expert experience. Understanding of general and popular Agile and Scrum terminology.


The certification program is currently offered for $180   $90.

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Certified Scrum Product Owner (SCPO)® and Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO)®

Will BVOP help me pass exams on other Agile popular programs? Can I pass the PSPO if I learn your prep guides?

BVOP is a unique and distinct methodology. If you have in-depth knowledge of our principles and guides, this does not mean that you will surely pass other popular exams. Accordingly, we recommend that you prepare for each program independently. Besides, each organization has its requirements for its candidates.

BVOP Scrum certification and Scaled Agile

Is your Scrum certification just like Scaled Agile?

BVOP and Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) are different concepts. Although you may find some similarities, our exams include project and program management practices. Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) does not require you to know this subject. Thus, we can conclude that the BVOP program is more demanding for applicants.

Isn't your BVOP Agile Guide just a more comprehensive Scrum Guide? Or just in a Lean Agile style

The full BVOP teaching is not for a classic ordinary Scrum team. We introduced Kaizen, Kanban, Lean, and MVP concepts in our guides.

Thus, we created a guide not only for classic Scrum roles but for senior management as well. Product managers involved in the design and invention of new products are our main target audience.

BVOP Community Reviews
John Wilson

This is a position that no one understands, not even the professionals themselves. Emphasizing this role and activity as something particularly special so far has not been provided with knowledge, definitions, and true working practices and processes.

As a certified BVOP professional, I dare to say that I have real skills and confidence in the most important activities of this role and position. I am proud of myself and will apply everything learned every day.

Therefore, I strongly recommend that everyone read at least once the BVOP Agile Guide. Greetings and wishes for success and valuable products.

Robert Moore

In my social circle and among colleagues, this role is something that is not associated with much work, performance, and effort. On the contrary, they are all lazy, they do nothing special, and after all, companies and users suffer from it. The business can not take an adequate view of the counterproductive work of my colleagues.

Today, I believe that BVOP will give businesses and employers worldwide a transparent view of this position. We will all become more productive and will strive for collective work and co-operation.

I do not want to forget the unique techniques of prioritizing and managing the product backlog. From now on, I will know what to answer to any inconvenient question about it.

Oliver Miller

Huge thanks to The Business Value-Oriented Principles Institute for this unique program.

I worked for a long time as a project manager. Happily, the new principles that BVOP gave to the public cheered me to turn to the product side. Now I see the big picture of teams and projects.

I admit I did not like Scrum and Agile for lack of detail, rules, and order. But with BVOP's new advanced teachings, that's no longer the case. I respect, like, and admire the modern understanding and way of thinking that BVOP provokes. Besides, people are involved in one way or another in products and projects development. Also, general management. To summarize, here come the new principles.

Jessica Johnson

I have realized how important it is for every responsible position to understand more than just standard popular research. Also, additional principles, practices, and management processes are of particular importance.

I believed that this profession focused on product development and providing business value. But now I have full clarity and knowledge of highly detailed processes. For example, interactions with teams, users, and business managers. BVOP expanded my perception of this Agile role and changed my views and principles.

Thank you, Business Value-Oriented Principles Institute, for this certification program. You shared with me precious knowledge and memorable experiences.

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  1. Martha Morgan
    Thanks for creating this modern new Agile teaching. I carefully examined all sections of the BVOP guide. I would like to ask if the product owner certification requires knowledge of the whole guide or if some specific areas and topics are relevant to the exam. Thanks in advance for the info. Best regards! Martha
  2. BVOP™
    Hi Martha! Thank you for your comment! All our certification programs require knowledge of The BVOP™ Ultimate Guide. However, for a Certified Product Owner, you do not need to learn serious details from the Business Value-Oriented People Management section (related to Human Resources). Kind regards!
  3. Carlos Martìnez
    Hello BVOP is it true that for a product owner certificate I need to learn the entire BVOP Agile guide? Why is this program so intense and heavy?
  4. BVOP™
    Dear Carlos, You have correctly noted that knowledge of the entire BVOP™ Agile Guide is required. The requirements are high, but still not as severe as they seem. However, keep in mind that BVOP™ certification programs are designed for advanced professionals, and certified specialists are advanced roles. The BVOP™ Agile Guide is a very detailed and comprehensive material that includes not only the basics of Scrum practices and rules but also many additional useful and valuable information.
  5. Joshua Moore
    Since I'm new to the subject and I'm a little confused, can you point me to a specific program? I have seen your Product Management program before, and now this one, and I think they are quite similar. Is it my fault, and am I not understanding something correctly?
  6. BVOP™
    Dear Joshua, Thank you for your question. Product Manager and Product Owner roles may look quite similar, and no doubt, in many organizations around the world, the actual day-to-day activities and responsibilities of these positions can also be quite close. However, our Product Owner role follows all Scrum rules and is created as a completely modern and adequate role that includes the sections related to product management. We recommend that you check out the BVOP™ Ultimate Guide as well as our BVOP™ Agile Guide materials. Also, consider whether you want to develop professionally in a Scrum environment. After examining our guidebooks and being aware of your goals, plans, and interests, it will be much easier to choose a certification program. Kind regards!
  7. Annika Hofmann

    I finished my training and received my document today. That is why I want to thank your entire team. Above all, I will be happy to exchange contacts with everyone here. Let me tell you a little about myself first.

    UI design, UX, and software development

    After many years of practice in UI design, UX, and software development, I spontaneously experienced the desire to get to know the beginning of all initiatives and business activities. Knowing in great detail about the technical creation, development, and maintenance of the software project, I now wanted to get to know Agile project management.

    In recent years, I have the practical opportunity to be responsible for teamwork on a project. Even though, I had the responsibility to organize, motivate, and control the work of the people in the team in order to meet the deadlines for delivery of different versions of software products. Our concern is, of course, the quality of the supplies.

    Leadership qualities

    Also, I have leadership qualities, I have real technical experience in this. What I missed was professional project management. I would like to handle all the management tools very well. Furthermore, I know that there is a difference from project to project, but if I know the principles for allocating budget, time and teams, very quickly and most of all I will find and offer the right plan for project implementation. Moreover, I will be able to correctly identify the risks and deal with them appropriately.

    Look for alternative solutions

    I have a tendency to look for alternative solutions, which often helps me find a different and good strategy towards the goal. I am a good communicator, I respect and especially appreciate the differences in the people I work with.

    Furthermore, the lack of professional management skills has created quite difficult conditions for me on weekdays like Team Lead. However, I achieved the ultimate goal, but purely intuitively, which was usually at the expense of great emotional tension, which I probably passed on to my team. Still, the battle won was very expensive, sometimes at the expense of the deadline, and even with a compromise in quality.

  8. Tobias Schneider
    Does your training provide industry recognized Scrum training for adequate product ownership? What career opportunities can I find if I receive a BVOP certificate? Do you offer an agile coach program?
  9. BVOP
    Dear Tobias, You can check out our Agile Director program. Our Scrum training is more advanced than usual as it includes Kanban, Kaizen and project management subjects. Probably the most suitable career for you will be in a software company.
  10. Anna Moulin
    I would like to ask something. Do you teach Backlog Management? What are the PO role related questions asked during the exam.
  11. BVOP™
    Of course. BVOP shares the Product Backlog topics in detail. Please see the "Product Backlog management" and "Product Backlog Prioritization" sections of the BVOP Ultimate Guide. Regarding the exam questions, please note that you must know the entire "BVOP Ultimate Guide" and "BVOP Agile Guide" in detail. To pass the certification exam, you must have a good knowledge of all the topics. Please visit the "Instructions" section of your user dashboard for much more detailed guidance.
  12. Michał Nowak
    Where in England do you conduct the training and how much does the course cost?
  13. BVOP™
    BVOP is a modern management and development superset. Our organization does not conduct training in physical premises. We promote our teaching all over the world. Candidates for product owner certification study our guides themselves. No matter which country you are in, you can study on your own online.
  14. Santiago Lòpez
    Do you conduct training in Mexico? Do you have online trainings in Spanish? Thanks!
  15. BVOP™
    We do not have physical offices and training rooms in different countries. Candidates for our certifications prepare themselves by studying our free guides. However, you can check if there is a local course provider in your country in your language.
  16. Anna Wagner
    Does the course include software tools like Jira, ClickUp, Binfire, Basecamp and similar? I need training on these things.
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