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About the BVOP Chief Executive Certification program

Modern Chief Executive officers need an Agile certification program that guides them to positive management and organizational culture that have reflected the entire matrix structure and teams. The BVOP Certified CEO establishes management where dynamic business and changing environments affect cross-functional teams and operations on the entire organizational level.

The Business Value-Oriented Principles (BVOP) teach the modern CEO that they have to be fully dedicated to all management offices and focus on the People, Program, and Project management processes when organizational strategies are focused on product development.

The BVOP Chief Executive

The certified BVOP Chief Executive is the most advanced and important role inside a product and service-based companies.

The BVOP Chief Executive role is critical for driving modern organizations where all people have real needs and problems. The Business Value-Oriented Principles (BVOP) were created to help Chief Executives with managing all offices using both people and business-oriented approach.

The Certified BVOP Chief Executive officer focuses on management where all organizational processes, people, projects, and products create business value for the entire organizational portfolio. The Certified CEO with the BVOP values people, processes, priorities, and products equally.

Who should apply for a BVOP Product Management certification?

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Why should you apply for a BVOP Chief Executive certificate?

Transform your entire organizational culture, priorities, and practices. As a certified BVOP Chief Executive, you will be able to improve your people, project, and product management.

Get the awareness of the workflows of your product teams and managers. Knowing the work and processes of the teams will make your activity easier. You will be able to support your organization's problems faster and more adequately

Be emotionally closer to your human resources department. Earn respect for your subordinates by implementing modern management principles that are both business and people-oriented. As a chief executive, you really need to do this.

Involve yourself proactively in manufacturing problems and make the right decisions. The whole organization relies on your knowledge and awareness.

Take wise decisions in conflicts and approaching critical organizational situations.

Assessment topics

  • About the Business Value-Oriented Principles
  • Business Value-Oriented Program Management
  • Business Value-Oriented Project Management
  • Business Value-Oriented Product Management
  • Business Value-Oriented People Management

Certification process

Create your BVOP account and choose a certification program.

Secure your discounted price for the certification assessment by making the payment. You can take the assessment test at your convenience, as it is available to be attended at any time.

Learn the entire BVOP Ultimate Guide.

Once you feel confident, log in to your account and commence the assessment test. Upon achieving a passing score of over 75%, you will be awarded your certificate.

The certification program is conducted entirely online.


  • Previous experience as CEO, CIO, CTO, program, project or human resources manager is desirable but not required.


The BVOP Chief Executive certification is currently offered for $1290   $270.

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Questions and Answers

What is CEO certification?

CEO certification is a comprehensive and rigorous program that individuals can undertake to gain extensive education, training, and recognition in their journey to become or excel as Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) within organizations of various sizes and industries. This specialized certification process goes beyond mere theoretical knowledge and equips aspiring and current CEOs with a diverse set of skills, in-depth knowledge, and advanced strategies to effectively navigate the complex challenges and responsibilities associated with executive leadership roles in today's dynamic business landscape.

By participating in a CEO certification program, individuals embark on a transformative learning experience that covers a wide range of crucial areas, including strategic planning, corporate governance, financial management, organizational behavior, innovation and disruption, stakeholder management, leadership development, and ethical decision-making. Through a combination of theoretical frameworks, real-world case studies, practical exercises, and interactive discussions, participants gain a deep understanding of the multifaceted dimensions of executive leadership, enabling them to make well-informed, strategic decisions that drive sustainable growth, foster innovation, and ensure organizational success.


Who can benefit from CEO certification?

CEO certification is an invaluable opportunity for professionals who are passionate about executive leadership and are committed to enhancing their effectiveness and impact as CEOs. This comprehensive program caters to a diverse range of individuals, including ambitious executives aspiring to reach top-level positions, current CEOs looking to further develop their leadership capabilities and adapt to evolving business landscapes, senior executives who are strategically preparing themselves for future executive leadership roles, entrepreneurs aiming to establish and grow successful ventures, and business owners seeking to strengthen their strategic decision-making abilities.

The benefits of CEO certification extend beyond acquiring knowledge and skills. Participants also gain access to a powerful network of fellow CEOs, industry experts, and thought leaders. This network provides ongoing support, mentorship opportunities, and valuable connections, fostering collaboration, idea exchange, and collective learning. Additionally, CEO certification enhances an individual's professional credibility and distinguishes them as a committed and knowledgeable leader in their field, opening doors to exciting career opportunities and positioning them as sought-after candidates for executive-level positions in esteemed organizations.

What are the potential benefits of CEO certification?

The potential benefits of CEO certification are far-reaching and can positively impact both the individual and the organizations they lead. Firstly, CEO certification equips individuals with the necessary skills, knowledge, and tools to excel in executive leadership roles. This includes strategic thinking, effective decision-making, change management, negotiation and conflict resolution, talent management, and fostering innovation. By honing these skills, CEOs can drive organizational growth, create a positive work culture, build high-performing teams, and successfully navigate the complexities of today's competitive business environment.

Moreover, CEO certification provides a platform for continuous professional development, enabling CEOs to stay updated with the latest industry trends, best practices, and emerging technologies. This ongoing learning process equips CEOs with the agility and adaptability needed to respond to market changes, technological disruptions, and evolving customer expectations. By embracing a mindset of lifelong learning, CEOs can stay ahead of the curve, make informed strategic decisions, and lead their organizations towards sustained success.

Furthermore, CEO certification enhances an individual's personal brand and professional reputation. It signals a commitment to excellence, continuous growth, and ethical leadership. This reputation, combined with the knowledge and skills gained through certification, instills confidence in stakeholders, investors, and employees, fostering trust, credibility, and loyalty. CEOs with certification often attract top talent, forge strategic partnerships, and inspire others through their thought leadership, making a significant impact on the success and reputation of their organizations.

Is CEO certification necessary to become a CEO?

While CEO certification is not a mandatory requirement to assume the position of a CEO, it can significantly enhance an individual's qualifications, expertise, and competitive edge in the executive leadership landscape. CEOs are responsible for leading complex organizations, making critical decisions, and driving sustainable growth. CEO certification provides a structured and rigorous learning experience that equips individuals with the knowledge, skills, and frameworks necessary to navigate these challenges successfully.

By pursuing CEO certification, individuals demonstrate a commitment to professional development, continuous learning, and staying abreast of industry best practices. The certification process provides a deeper understanding of executive leadership principles, strategic thinking, financial management, organizational behavior, and governance, among other critical areas. This knowledge, combined with practical experience and a proven track record, positions individuals as highly competent and well-rounded candidates for CEO roles.

Moreover, CEO certification offers networking opportunities, access to industry experts, and exposure to diverse perspectives. These invaluable connections can open doors to new opportunities, mentorship, and potential collaborations. Additionally, CEO certification can provide individuals with a sense of confidence, credibility, and readiness to tackle the complex challenges that CEOs face on a daily basis.

Ultimately, while CEO certification is not a prerequisite, it can serve as a valuable differentiator in a highly competitive executive landscape, increasing the likelihood of securing CEO positions and contributing to long-term success in these critical leadership roles.

Why might BVOP be a good CTO certification?

BVOP (Business Value-Oriented Principles) may be a good certification for CTOs (Chief Technology Officers) for several reasons:

Holistic Approach

BVOP emphasizes a holistic approach to product and project management, considering both the business value and the technical aspects of technology initiatives. As a CTO, understanding how to align technology strategies with overall business goals is crucial. BVOP certification can provide CTOs with a framework to effectively balance technical considerations with business objectives.

Agile and Lean Principles

BVOP incorporates Agile and Lean principles, which are highly relevant to technology leadership. CTOs often need to lead agile development teams, manage complex projects, and optimize processes for efficiency. BVOP certification equips CTOs with Agile and Lean methodologies, allowing them to effectively manage technology initiatives and deliver value in a dynamic business environment.

Focus on Collaboration and Communication

CTOs play a critical role in fostering collaboration and communication between technology teams and other stakeholders within the organization. BVOP emphasizes the importance of collaboration, knowledge sharing, and effective communication across different roles and departments. CTOs with BVOP certification can leverage these principles to build strong cross-functional relationships, align technology initiatives with business needs, and drive organizational success.

Emphasis on Value Delivery

BVOP's focus on business value-oriented principles aligns well with the role of a CTO, who is responsible for delivering technology solutions that drive business growth and innovation. BVOP certification can help CTOs develop a strategic mindset focused on delivering value to customers, optimizing processes, and maximizing return on technology investments.

Continuous Improvement

BVOP promotes a culture of continuous improvement, encouraging CTOs to seek ongoing learning and professional development. By pursuing BVOP certification, CTOs can stay updated with the latest industry trends, best practices, and emerging technologies, enabling them to make informed decisions, drive innovation, and lead technology transformations within their organizations.

Is BVOP the Ideal CIO Certification?

BVOP (Business Value-Oriented Principles) can be a good certification for CIOs (Chief Information Officers) for the following reasons:

Alignment with Business Objectives

CIOs play a crucial role in aligning technology strategies with the overall goals and objectives of the organization. BVOP certification focuses on business value-oriented principles, which can help CIOs develop a strategic mindset and ensure that technology initiatives are directly tied to delivering value to the business.

Comprehensive Project and Product Management

BVOP provides principles and practices for effective project and product management. As CIOs are responsible for overseeing technology projects and product development, BVOP certification equips them with the necessary knowledge and tools to manage these initiatives efficiently, ensuring that they are delivered on time, within budget, and meet the organization's objectives.

Agile and Lean Methodologies

BVOP incorporates Agile and Lean methodologies, which are highly relevant in today's fast-paced and dynamic technology landscape. CIOs need to lead agile development teams, drive innovation, and respond quickly to market changes. BVOP certification equips CIOs with the Agile and Lean principles necessary to foster collaboration, adapt to change, and deliver results in a timely manner.

Cross-functional Collaboration

CIOs need to collaborate with various stakeholders, including business leaders, IT teams, vendors, and external partners. BVOP emphasizes the importance of collaboration and communication across different roles and departments. CIOs with BVOP certification can leverage these principles to build strong relationships, align technology initiatives with business needs, and promote a culture of collaboration within the organization.

Continuous Improvement and Learning

BVOP promotes a culture of continuous improvement and learning, which is essential for CIOs in a rapidly evolving technology landscape. CIOs with BVOP certification can stay updated with emerging technologies, industry best practices, and innovative approaches to drive digital transformation within their organizations.

CIO certification

While BVOP may not be specifically designed as a CIO certification, its principles and methodologies can provide valuable insights and frameworks that align with the responsibilities and challenges faced by CIOs in today's technology-driven business environment. As with any certification, it is important for CIOs to assess their specific needs, goals, and organizational context to ensure that the chosen certification program aligns well with their unique requirements.

BVOP Community Reviews
William James, BVOP Chief Executive

First of all, I want to thank the Business Value-Oriented Principles Institute for the opportunity for this interesting, innovative, and modern training with a focus on business and people at the same time.

For me, it was a great adventure to get involved in the Chief Executive certification program. I have learned a lot. I have gained many new views about organizations, their common and hidden issues, which are usually out of the question. I understood the problems of ordinary people. I would do my best to apply the new skills, knowledge, and use of my certificate.

Raymond Smith, BVOP Chief Executive

I want to pay special attention to everyone that this is not an ordinary classical certification program for CEOs.

You will not learn finance, public speaking, or international relations and cultural differences in business. This knowledge is aimed at yourself, your organization, and how to create an environment where everyone is happy. Your business needs to evolve, to have priorities, and at the same time, take care of your people, their processes, and their projects. These are the most important knowledge and skills. This is a way of thinking and culture. The certification program is not for everyone.

Oliver Brown

BVOP is not just a modern management methodology. It is also a business philosophy. I am grateful to have received such modern knowledge and views.

I recommend the certification for every CIO, CTO, and CEO. I can't wait to implement BVOP in my company. I am confident that I will be able to easily implement Kaizen, harmonious relations between employees. And most of all valuable business thinking among all.

Hugo Augustin

Preparing for the certification exam is easy and convenient. The preparatory textbooks are free. I didn't pay anything extra except the exam fee. No one made me rush. I didn't experience any stress. Mock exams are very helpful. I printed out my document and proudly hung it on the wall behind me.

Sarah Johnson

I was initially skeptical about the BVOP™ Chief Executive certification program, but it turned out to be a game-changer for me. The training offered a unique perspective on business and people, highlighting the importance of creating a harmonious work environment. I gained valuable insights into organizational issues and learned how to prioritize and care for my team. I highly recommend this program to any aspiring CEO looking to enhance their leadership skills.

Emma Thompson

The BVOP™ certification program exceeded my expectations. It's not a typical CEO training. This program focuses on building a culture of happiness within your organization while achieving business growth. I learned invaluable skills and strategies to create a thriving work environment. If you're a CEO who values both people and results, I strongly encourage you to pursue this certification.

Emma Thompson

The BVOP™ certification program exceeded my expectations. It's not a typical CEO training. This program focuses on building a culture of happiness within your organization while achieving business growth. I learned invaluable skills and strategies to create a thriving work environment. If you're a CEO who values both people and results, I strongly encourage you to pursue this certification.

Daniel Wilson

BVOP™ is a transformative management methodology that goes beyond traditional approaches. As a CIO, I found the certification program to be enlightening and eye-opening. It introduced me to modern knowledge and perspectives that will shape the future of my company. From implementing Kaizen principles to fostering strong employee relationships, BVOP™ offers practical tools for success. I can't wait to apply these concepts and witness the positive impact on our organization.

Laura Martinez

I was pleasantly surprised by the simplicity and convenience of the BVOP™ certification exam preparation. The availability of free preparatory textbooks and the stress-free learning experience made it incredibly accessible. The mock exams were invaluable in building my confidence and ensuring I was fully prepared. I proudly display my BVOP™ certificate as a symbol of my accomplishment and commitment to continuous improvement.

Michael Roberts

I recently completed the BVOP™ Chief Executive certification program, and it has been an enlightening journey. The training provided a fresh perspective on business management, emphasizing the importance of putting people first. I gained valuable insights into organizational dynamics and learned effective strategies for fostering collaboration and innovation. This certification has equipped me with the skills needed to drive success in both my professional and personal life.

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  1. Euna Lee
    I'm interested in your CEO certification program. How can I receive training materials? Do I have to pay the exam fee first? I am interested in the program and the topics that need to be learned to meet the requirements.
  2. BVOP™
    Hello Euna! Thank you for your comment! All training materials are available online on our platform. All you have to do is click the Start Learning button at the top of the website. You do not have to pay a fee in advance. We currently offer great discounts on the prices of all certifications. If you wish, you can order an exam now. We recommend that you create a free account on our platform. The Instructions section of your dashboard contains all the information you need for your successful exam and certification. Kind regards!
  3. Andrea Liber
    Hi BVOP, I received an email shortly stating that the cost of director certificates is significantly reduced if I have any other BVOP certificate. Can you explain exactly how I can benefit from the price reduction if I get one of your certificates soon?
  4. Jennifer Rivas
    What is the difference between the CEO and the Program manager certificate? Looking at what is learned it seems the same.
  5. BVOP™

    Dear Jennifer,

    You have correctly noticed the similarity between the CEO and the Program Director. However, the difference is as follows:

    The Certified Program Director exam includes more questions regarding Program Management, Project Management, and Product Management, and fewer questions about People Management and Organizational Priorities.

    The Certified Chief Executive exam includes fewer questions regarding Project Management and Product Management, but there will possibly be more questions regarding People Management and Organizational Priorities.

  6. Ronan Hutchinson
    Hi, I just read the "Assessment topics" section. There you mention Business Value-Oriented Program Management, Business Value-Oriented Project Management, Business Value-Oriented Product Management, and Business Value-Oriented People Management. Do I need previous experience as a Program, Project, or Product Manager to receive the title? Regards, Ronan
  7. BVOP™

    Dear Ronan,
    Thank you for your comment.

    These sections are indeed mentioned in the Assessment topics above. However, they are the competent areas you will learn in the BVOP™ Ultimate Guide. They are not professional competencies that you need to know in advance. No such experience is required to take the exam.

    Kind regards, The BVOP™ Team

  8. Kevin
    Hi Do you offer CIO (chief information officer) or CTO (chief technology officer) certification(s)? They are highly in demand but there isn't any exam certification available for them in the market. There are some long programs; however, if you ready have the education, and experience such long programs will not be suitable and are just time-consuming. Thanks in advance!
  9. BVOP
    Dear Kevin,
    Thank you for your questions. At this stage, we offer BVOP Chief Executive certification. Currently, we are unable to offer the specific titles you mentioned.
  10. Martha Wagner
    Dear BVOP Team, How can I prepare for the exam? How is the exam conducted? Who will examine me and when? Do I have to reserve a date and time for the exam? When the promotional price announced on your website expires? Do I have to pay any fee in advance? What does the announced price include?
  11. hisham ELKOT
    Dear BVOP Team, How can I prepare for the exam? How is the exam conducted? Who will examine me and when? Do I have to reserve a date and time for the exam? When the promotional price announced on your website expires? Do I have to pay any fee in advance? What does the announced price include? Are there any text books or any fors of resources to learn from . Are you accredited , with whom?
  12. Md. Kabir Hossain
    I'm interested in your CEO certification program. How can help the certificate of my career.
  13. BVOP
    The training materials are published free of charge on the BVOP platform. Look in the navigation menu for the "Start Learning" button. You need to learn the entire BVOP Guide for your chosen program. You can first order a mock exam to test your knowledge. If you pass it successfully, you have a good chance for the real one as well. You don't need to book a date. The exam is completely online and computerized. The price includes one certification exam. If you fail, you will spend your attempt.
  14. Manuel Morales
    Please share what exactly I need to do to get this document? Will my name be on the gold diploma?
  15. BVOP™
    Check out the navigation menu on the website. Note the "Start Learning" button. This section of our website hosts The BVOP Ultimate Guide. Learn the guide very well. Once you have determined that you have the necessary knowledge to successfully pass the certification exam, you can order a mock exam to test your current knowledge. If you pass the mock exam, you can pay a certification exam fee and start it whenever you want.
  16. Denis Richard
    As far as I understand the exam is not administered by a real person? Is that correct? Please confirm.
  17. BVOP™
    Each customer starts the exam themselves. The knowledge check is performed completely online on our platform. To assess knowledge, we use an online computer test. There is no human intervention during your exam.
  18. Elijah Williams
    Do you have something like а leaders club with your degrees? If I receive this document can I become a member? And if so, is there a fee?
  19. James wannabe CEO, CTO or CIO
    I need a course that will give me all the knowledge I need for a C-level position. I want to become CEO, CTO or CIO. I studied project management, but I don't think this qualification is enough for me. And they don't take me seriously at a job interview. What can you offer me?
  20. BVOP™
    You can take advantage of our textbooks at any time. The BVOP Ultimate Guide includes the study materials for our C-level certification. The book is publicly available and free to all. You can study it even without paying any exam fee. When you feel ready you can take the exam and take our Chief Executive document.
  21. Benjamin Harris
    I have experience as a project and product manager. I have also worked as a Product Owner. I am interested in your CEO certification program. Do you think I'm ready for this? In my country very often IT companies open new offices and I think I want to try such a leap in my profession.
  22. BVOP™
    Based on your experience as a project and product manager, and having worked as a Product Owner, it sounds like you have a solid foundation to pursue a CEO certification program. The program can help you further develop your skills and knowledge in leadership and management, and prepare you for the challenges that come with leading a company. As for opening a new office in your country, this can be a significant opportunity for growth and expansion, and having a CEO certification can certainly give you a competitive edge in this endeavor. It's always important to continue learning and growing in your profession, and a CEO certification can help you do just that.
  23. Emily Reynolds
    Balancing the demands of visionary leadership with the practicalities of day-to-day operations can be a challenge for Chief Executives. Could you share a personal strategy you've developed to ensure both aspects thrive under your guidance?
  24. BVOP

    Dear Emily, Thank you for your question. Here are some ideas:

    1. Establish a Clear Vision: Define a compelling long-term vision for the organization. This vision should be inspiring and provide a sense of purpose, guiding your leadership.
    2. Delegate Responsibility: Trust your leadership team to handle day-to-day operations. Empower them to make decisions and take ownership of their areas of expertise.
    3. Set Priorities: Identify key strategic priorities that align with your vision. Focus your personal attention on these strategic issues, while delegating routine tasks.
    4. Time Management: Allocate specific time in your schedule for strategic thinking and high-level decision-making. Protect this time to avoid getting bogged down in daily details.
    5. Effective Communication: Clearly articulate your vision and priorities to your team. Encourage open communication and alignment with your strategic direction.
    6. Periodic Review: Regularly assess progress toward your long-term goals and adjust your strategy as needed. This ensures that your vision remains relevant and achievable.
    7. Continuous Learning: Stay informed about industry trends, emerging technologies, and best practices. This knowledge can inform your strategic decisions.
    8. Adaptability: Be flexible and willing to adapt your vision and strategy in response to changing circumstances or new opportunities.
    9. Cultivate Innovation: Encourage innovation within your organization. Empower employees to contribute ideas and solutions that can improve operations and align with the vision.
    10. Self-Care: Take care of your physical and mental well-being. Effective leadership requires a healthy and focused mind.

    By applying these principles, Chief Executives can effectively balance visionary leadership with the demands of daily operations, ensuring both aspects thrive under their guidance.

  25. Emily Jones
    This program sounds interesting, but I am curious to know more about the specific curriculum covered in the certification. Is there a syllabus available that outlines the topics covered?

    In addition, while the article mentions the benefits of getting certified, it would be helpful to know how this certification stacks up against other CEO certification programs. Are there any industry-recognized certifications that this program prepares you for?

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