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Be a Certified CEO with the BVOP Chief Executive certification program

About the BVOP Chief Executive Certification program

Modern Chief Executive officers need agile certification program that guides them to positive management and organizational culture that have reflected the entire matrix structure and teams. The BVOP Certified CEO establish management where dynamic business and changing environments affect cross-functional teams and operations on the entire organizational level.

The Business Value Oriented Principles (BVOP) teach the modern CEO that they have to be fully dedicated to all management offices and focus on the People, Program and Project management processes when organizational strategies are focused on product development.

The BVOP Chief Executive

The certified BVOP Chief Executive is the most advanced and important role inside a product and service-based companies.

The BVOP Chief Executive role is critical for driving modern organizations where all people have real needs and problems. The Business Value Oriented Principles (BVOP) were created to help Chief Executives with managing all offices using both people and business-oriented approach.

The Certified BVOP Chief Executive officer focuses on management where all organizational processes, people, projects and products create business value for the entire organizational portfolio. The Certified CEO with the BVOP value people, processes, priorities, and products equally.

Who should apply for a BVOP Product Management certification?

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Why you should apply for a BVOP Chief Executive certificate?

Transform your entire organization culture, priorities and practices. As a certified BVOP Chief Executive, you will be able to improve your people, project and product management.

Get the awareness of the workflows of your product teams and managers. Knowing the work and processes of the teams will make your activity easier. You will be able to support your organization's problems faster and more adequately

Be emotionally closer to your human resources department. Earn respect for your subordinates by implementing modern management principles that are both business and people oriented. As a chief executive, you really need to do this.

Involve yourself proactively in manufacturing problems and make the right decisions. The whole organization relies on your knowledge and awareness.

Take wise decisions in conflicts and approaching organizational critical situations.

Assessment topics

  • Introduction
  • Business Value Oriented Program Management
  • Business Value Oriented Project Management
  • Business Value Oriented Product Management
  • Business Value Oriented People Management
  • General topics

Certification process

3. Learn the entire BVOP Ultimate Guide.


  • Previous experience as a Chief Executive officer or General, Program, Project or Human Resources manager is desired


The BVOP Chief Executive certification is currently offered for $1290   $720.

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BVOP Community Reviews
William James, BVOP Chief Executive

First of all, I want to thank the Business Value Oriented Principles Institute for the opportunity for this interesting, innovative and modern training with a focus on business and people at the same time.

For me, it was a great adventure to get involved in the Chief Executive certification program. I have learned a lot, I have gained many new views about organizations, their common and hidden issues, which are usually out of the question. I understood the problems of ordinary people. I would do my best to apply the new skills, knowledge, and use of my certificate.

Raymond Smith, BVOP Chief Executive

I want to pay special attention to everyone that this is not an ordinary classical certification program for CEOs.

You will not learn finance, public speaking or international relations and cultural differences in business. This knowledge is aimed at yourself, your organization, and how to create an environment where everyone is happy. Your business needs to evolve, to have priorities, and at the same time take care of your people, their processes and their projects. These are the most important knowledge and skills. This is a way of thinking and culture. The certification program is not for everyone.