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About the BVOP Human Resource Management Online Program

Modern HR Management needs an extraordinary focus on the needs of people, organizations, and processes. A Certified Human Resources Manager is a professional with knowledge in managing people and teams, contributes to organizational culture, and understands the modern needs and problems of both people and businesses.

The Business Value-Oriented Principles (BVOP) state that modern human resource management needs to leave its comfort zone and to devote more attention to the personal and professional development of staff.

The BVOP program has a mission to change the thinking of organizations and people to a great extent and to create a new culture of cooperation and the pursuit of common goals and directions. The only successful mechanism for developing people and organizations at the same time is the introduction of new paradigms, practices, and ways of thinking.

The Certified BVOP™ HR Manager

The BVOP Human Resources Manager is an advanced and new role that closely cooperates with all parties inside the organizations.

The BVOP HR professional is an important position with the mission to change the attitude, the way of thinking, and interaction between senior management and staff and to improve organizational success, image, and productivity.

They understand the problems of both the organization and the employees and takes part in their fruitful solution. Role understands and supports the priorities of the organization and the employees and is actively involved in achieving the goals set.

The certified BVOP Human Resources Manager has the full competence and ability to manage conflicts and is always involved in defining and resolving conflicts. This is a major activity through which the human resources department reduces stress and at the same time, increases the personal development of the conflict parties.

Who should participate in the program?

  • Human Resources Managers
  • Senior HR professionals
  • Junior HR specialists
  • Chief Executives
  • Professionals who plan to develop a career soon
  • HR-oriented enthusiasts with a passion for influencing modern organizational principles
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Why should you apply for a our online professional certification?

The BVOP™ program is designed to meet the needs of modern dynamic organizations and teams where success depends on responsible and experienced human resources professionals.

The BVOP Professionals acquire important skills in modern disciplines and topics that are helpful in stressful situations.

You will positively and constructively influence organizations and executives and guide them in the right direction in managing their employees.

You will have the confidence and the desire to improve your organization's processes. You will be a respectful and necessary figure in every structure.

Exam topics

Introduction, Business Value-Oriented People Management, Business Value-Oriented Priorities, and the General Topics sections.

Online certification process

Create your BVOP account and choose a certification program.

Make a payment for the certification assessment to reserve your price with discount. The assessment test can be attended later at any time.

Learn the Introduction, Business Value-Oriented People Management (BVOPPM), Business Value-Oriented Priorities, and the General Topics sections included in the BVOP Ultimate Guide.

When you feel confident enough, login to your account and start your assessment test. If your passing score is more than 75% you will obtain your certificate.


Deep understanding and knowledge of the required topics from the BVOP Ultimate Guide. Previous experience as a human resources professional is desired. Understanding of general and popular people management principles and practices.


The certification program is currently offered for $140   $70.

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Benefits of Human Resource (HR) Certification

In today's competitive business landscape, Human Resource (HR) professionals play a crucial role in driving organizational success. To enhance their expertise and credibility, many HR professionals choose to pursue HR certification. In this section, we explore the numerous benefits of obtaining HR certification and how it can positively impact HR practitioners and their organizations.

1. Enhanced Professional Credibility:

HR certification serves as a validation of an HR professional's skills, knowledge, and expertise. It demonstrates their commitment to continuous learning and professional development. Certified HR professionals are seen as trusted experts in their field, garnering respect and credibility from employers, colleagues, and stakeholders.

2. Expanded Career Opportunities:

Obtaining HR certification opens doors to a wider range of career opportunities. Many organizations prioritize certified HR professionals during recruitment and promotions, recognizing the value they bring to the table. HR certification sets individuals apart from their peers and increases their chances of securing key HR roles or advancing to leadership positions within HR departments.

3. Up-to-Date HR Knowledge and Practices:

HR certification programs often cover the latest trends, best practices, and legal updates in the HR industry. Certified HR professionals stay abreast of industry advancements and emerging HR technologies, enabling them to implement innovative strategies and solutions within their organizations. They possess the knowledge and skills needed to address current HR challenges effectively.

4. Mastery of HR Competencies:

HR certification programs are designed to assess and validate the proficiency of HR professionals in various HR competencies. These competencies include talent acquisition, employee relations, performance management, compensation and benefits, HR strategy, and more. By achieving certification, HR professionals demonstrate their mastery of these critical competencies, enhancing their ability to contribute strategically to their organizations' success.

5. Increased Confidence and Professional Growth:

HR certification boosts the confidence of HR professionals in their abilities and decision-making. It provides them with a strong foundation and framework to navigate complex HR challenges with ease. Certified HR professionals gain the confidence to implement HR initiatives, provide strategic HR advice, and contribute to organizational growth and transformation.

6. Network Expansion and Peer Collaboration:

HR certification programs often foster networking opportunities and peer collaboration. Certified HR professionals can connect with a diverse community of HR practitioners, industry experts, and thought leaders. These networks provide avenues for knowledge sharing, idea exchange, and professional support. The connections made through HR certification can lead to valuable mentorship, career guidance, and collaboration on HR projects.

7. Compliance with Industry Standards and Best Practices:

HR certification ensures that HR professionals are well-versed in industry standards, legal requirements, and ethical practices. It equips them with the knowledge to navigate complex employment laws and regulations, promoting fair and compliant HR practices within their organizations. Certified HR professionals contribute to building a positive workplace culture while mitigating legal and compliance risks.

8. Continuous Professional Development:

HR certification is not a one-time achievement but a commitment to continuous professional development. Certified HR professionals are required to engage in ongoing learning, keeping their knowledge and skills up to date. They participate in conferences, workshops, webinars, and other professional development activities to stay informed about the latest HR trends, strategies, and innovations.

Obtaining HR certification offers numerous benefits to HR professionals, their organizations, and the HR industry as a whole. From enhanced credibility and career opportunities to up-to-date knowledge and expanded networks, HR certification enables professionals to excel in their roles and contribute effectively to organizational success. By investing in HR certification, HR practitioners demonstrate their commitment to excellence, professionalism, and continuous growth in the dynamic field of Human Resources.

Target Audience for Human Resource Certification

Human Resource (HR) certification programs are designed to equip professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the dynamic field of HR management. These programs cater to a diverse range of individuals seeking to enhance their HR expertise and advance their careers. In this article, we explore the target audience for HR certification and who can benefit from pursuing this valuable credential.

HR Professionals

HR certification is ideal for HR professionals who want to validate their skills and knowledge, demonstrate their commitment to the field, and enhance their career prospects. Whether you are an HR generalist, specialist, or HR manager, certification provides you with a competitive edge and increases your chances of securing senior-level HR roles within organizations.

Career Changers

HR certification is also suitable for individuals considering a career change into the HR field. If you have a passion for people management, organizational development, and workforce strategy, pursuing HR certification can help you acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to transition into HR roles. It provides a solid foundation and credibility, enabling you to kick-start your HR career on the right track.

Graduates and Students

HR certification can be an excellent option for recent graduates or students who are interested in pursuing a career in HR. By obtaining certification, you can differentiate yourself in a competitive job market, demonstrate your commitment to professional growth, and gain a comprehensive understanding of HR principles and practices. Certification serves as a valuable addition to your educational background and increases your employability in HR-related roles.

HR Managers and Leaders

HR certification is not only beneficial for HR professionals but also for experienced HR managers and leaders. Certification provides a platform for HR managers to validate their extensive experience, broaden their strategic HR knowledge, and stay updated with emerging trends and best practices in the field. It equips HR managers with the tools and insights necessary to drive organizational success through effective HR management.

Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

HR certification can be valuable for small business owners and entrepreneurs who want to manage their HR functions effectively. Understanding HR principles, employment laws, and best practices is crucial for creating a positive work environment, attracting and retaining top talent, and ensuring legal compliance. HR certification empowers small business owners and entrepreneurs to make informed HR decisions that align with their business goals and values.

International HR Professionals

HR certification is relevant and valuable for HR professionals working in an international context. As the global workforce becomes increasingly diverse and interconnected, understanding international HR practices, cross-cultural management, and global HR strategies is essential. Certification equips international HR professionals with the knowledge and skills to navigate the complexities of managing human resources across borders and cultures.

Continuous Learners

HR certification is suitable for individuals who are committed to lifelong learning and professional development. The field of HR is constantly evolving, with new trends, technologies, and regulations emerging. Certification provides ongoing education, keeping HR professionals up to date with the latest industry advancements and best practices. It ensures that HR practitioners remain competitive and capable of addressing the evolving needs of organizations and employees.

Human Resource (HR) certification programs cater to a wide range of professionals, from seasoned HR practitioners to career changers and students. By pursuing HR certification, individuals can validate their skills, enhance their career prospects, and stay updated with the latest HR practices and trends. Whether you are looking to advance in your current HR role, transition into HR from another field, or gain a comprehensive understanding of HR principles as a small business owner, HR certification offers valuable knowledge and recognition.

As the HR field continues to evolve and become more critical in driving organizational success, staying competitive and up-to-date with industry standards is crucial. HR certification equips professionals with the necessary tools, knowledge, and credibility to excel in their roles and contribute to their organizations' strategic objectives.

No matter your background or career stage, HR certification offers immense value in terms of career growth, professional credibility, and continuous learning. It is an investment that pays dividends by positioning individuals as trusted HR experts who can navigate the complexities of the modern workplace and effectively support the needs of employees and organizations alike.

Definition and Responsibilities of a HR Manager

The role of a Human Resources (HR) Manager is critical in ensuring the effective management of an organization's most valuable asset - its people. HR Managers are responsible for overseeing various HR functions, aligning HR strategies with organizational goals, and creating a positive work environment. In this section, we explore the definition and key responsibilities of an HR Manager.

An HR Manager is a professional who oversees the planning, implementation, and management of human resources initiatives within an organization. They are responsible for developing and executing HR strategies that support the organization's objectives and promote a positive workplace culture.


The responsibilities of an HR Manager may vary depending on the size and nature of the organization. However, some common responsibilities include:

  1. Talent Acquisition and Recruitment: HR Managers are responsible for attracting, selecting, and onboarding top talent. They develop recruitment strategies, oversee the hiring process, and ensure a smooth transition for new employees.
  2. Employee Relations: HR Managers foster positive employee relations by promoting a harmonious work environment. They handle employee grievances, mediate conflicts, and facilitate effective communication between employees and management.
  3. Performance Management: HR Managers design and implement performance management systems to evaluate employee performance, provide feedback, and facilitate professional development. They ensure performance evaluations are conducted fairly and consistently.
  4. Training and Development: HR Managers identify training needs, design learning programs, and facilitate employee development initiatives. They provide resources and opportunities for employees to enhance their skills and knowledge.
  5. Compensation and Benefits: HR Managers develop and administer compensation and benefits programs. They ensure competitive and equitable salary structures, manage employee benefits packages, and comply with relevant laws and regulations.
  6. HR Policies and Compliance: HR Managers establish HR policies and procedures, ensuring compliance with employment laws and regulations. They stay updated on changes in labor laws and advise management on HR-related legal issues.
  7. Employee Engagement and Retention: HR Managers implement initiatives to enhance employee engagement and retention. They develop strategies to promote a positive work culture, recognize employee contributions, and address employee needs and concerns.
  8. HR Strategy and Planning: HR Managers align HR strategies with the organization's goals and objectives. They collaborate with senior management to develop workforce plans, succession plans, and talent management strategies.

These are just a few examples of the key responsibilities of an HR Manager. Depending on the organization, industry, and specific HR needs, additional responsibilities may include organizational development, change management, employee well-being, and HR analytics.

In conclusion, HR Managers play a vital role in managing human capital and shaping the culture and success of an organization. Their responsibilities encompass various HR functions, ensuring the recruitment, development, engagement, and retention of a high-performing workforce. By fulfilling these responsibilities, HR Managers contribute to the overall strategic goals and success of the organization.

Key Skills and Competencies for Certified Human Resource Manager

A Certified Human Resource Manager possesses a unique set of skills and competencies that enable them to effectively manage the human capital within an organization. These skills go beyond traditional HR knowledge and encompass various areas critical to the success of HR professionals. In this article, we explore the key skills and competencies required for individuals seeking to become Certified Human Resource Managers.

Strategic HR Management

A Certified HR Manager has a strong understanding of strategic HR management principles. They can align HR strategies with the organization's overall objectives, contributing to its success by leveraging human capital effectively.

Talent Acquisition and Recruitment

Certified HR Managers excel in talent acquisition and recruitment. They possess the ability to identify and attract top talent, employing effective recruitment strategies and selection techniques to build a skilled and diverse workforce.

Employee Relations and Conflict Management

Effective employee relations and conflict management are crucial skills for Certified HR Managers. They can foster a positive work environment, resolve conflicts, and maintain productive relationships between employees and management.

Performance Management

Certified HR Managers have a deep understanding of performance management principles. They can design and implement performance appraisal systems, provide feedback, and facilitate employee development to optimize individual and organizational performance.

Learning and Development

Learning and development is a key area of expertise for Certified HR Managers. They can identify training needs, design effective learning programs, and support employee development to enhance skills, knowledge, and overall performance.

Compensation and Benefits

Certified HR Managers possess comprehensive knowledge of compensation and benefits management. They can design and administer competitive and equitable compensation programs, manage employee benefits packages, and ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

HR Analytics

Certified HR Managers have a strong grasp of HR analytics and metrics. They can analyze HR data, draw insights, and make data-driven decisions to enhance HR strategies and contribute to organizational success.

Change Management

Change management is a critical competency for Certified HR Managers. They can effectively navigate organizational changes, facilitate smooth transitions, and guide employees through periods of transformation.

Ethical Practice

Certified HR Managers uphold the highest ethical standards. They demonstrate integrity, confidentiality, and fairness in their decision-making processes and ensure compliance with legal and ethical guidelines.

Communication and Influence

Effective communication and influence skills are essential for Certified HR Managers. They can convey HR strategies and policies clearly, engage stakeholders, and influence key decision-makers within the organization.

Becoming a Certified Human Resource Manager requires a diverse skill set and a comprehensive understanding of various HR competencies. By developing these key skills and competencies, HR professionals can excel in their roles, drive organizational success, and make a positive

Prerequisites for Certification

BVOP offers a comprehensive HR certification program designed to enhance the skills and knowledge of HR professionals. The BVOP HR Certification provides individuals with the opportunity to validate their expertise in human resources and further their career in the field. In this section, we explore the prerequisites for BVOP HR Certification and what candidates need to fulfill in order to pursue this valuable credential.

No Strict Requirements

BVOP HR Certification does not have strict prerequisites or eligibility criteria that candidates must meet. Unlike some certification programs that require a specific level of education or work experience, BVOP welcomes individuals from diverse backgrounds who are interested in HR and are motivated to enhance their HR knowledge and skills.

Deep Understanding and Knowledge

While there are no strict requirements, it is essential for candidates to have a deep understanding and knowledge of the topics covered in the BVOP™ Ultimate Guide. The BVOP Ultimate Guide serves as the primary resource for the certification program, covering various aspects of HR management, best practices, and emerging trends. Candidates should thoroughly study and familiarize themselves with the guide to ensure they are well-prepared for the certification exam.

No Related Expert Experience Required

BVOP HR Certification does not mandate previous work experience as an HR specialist or manager. The certification program is open to individuals with a passion for HR, whether they are just starting their career in the field or looking to transition into HR from another profession. BVOP recognizes that knowledge and skills can be gained through a variety of educational and experiential avenues, and values the diversity of backgrounds and perspectives that candidates bring to the certification process.

Commitment to Learning

BVOP HR Certification requires candidates to have a commitment to continuous learning and professional development. The field of HR is dynamic, with evolving practices and emerging trends. It is essential for candidates to stay updated with the latest HR concepts, industry advancements, and legal requirements. By demonstrating a willingness to learn and adapt, candidates can enhance their HR expertise and effectively contribute to their organizations' HR functions.

BVOP HR Certification offers individuals the opportunity to validate their HR knowledge and skills without strict prerequisites or work experience requirements. By having a deep understanding and knowledge of the BVOP™ Ultimate Guide, candidates can prepare themselves for the certification exam and demonstrate their commitment to continuous learning and professional growth. BVOP welcomes individuals from diverse backgrounds who are passionate about HR and aspire to excel in the field.

BVOP Community Reviews
Sharon Phillips

People do not usually understand how difficult the human resources department is. Managing people is a job that requires an understanding of the needs and requirements of each employee individually, and the human resources manager has to meet them with the company's requirements and needs.

BVOP points these topics for the first time and focuses on the simultaneous management of staff and senior management.

With this certificate, I will demonstrate my confidence and stand on my principles and goals in improving business and teams in every company I will work for in the future.

Kathleen Campbell

Human resources are underestimated by many people and suffer from a lack of respect, not by accident. The activity of many HR teams is weak and incompetent for companies' problems. HR professionals can not provide support and guidance, can not make decisions, have no skills in managing emotions, obstacles, and conflicts.

I dare say that a certified human resources manager must have a knowledge of psychology and at the same time, possess leadership skills.

To my surprise and all my colleagues, BVOP solves exactly these massive and popular concerns. Thanks for the opportunity to get this certificate. I promise a useful work and action in improving the human resources activities in my company.

Maria Popovich

I want to express my deepest gratitude to the Business Value-Oriented Principles Institute for the cooperation and the opportunity to develop seriously in the field of human resources.

The knowledge I have acquired is unique and exceeds all my expectations and dreams. These new principles and rules inspire professionals and fire hope and positivism in all teams and the management units of organizations.

I strongly recommend the BVOP program to all professionals in the HR field and organizational management.

Elizabeth Williams

My profession is extremely responsive, dynamic, and tense. Thanks to BVOP, however, I now have the courage to face serious dilemmas, problems, and conflicts with my teams.

Indeed, there can be no modern company and organized and positive teams without principles that develop people in every respect. The business environment and the human in the people must be in harmony.

I thank the Business Value-Oriented Principles Institute for giving me the opportunity to learn many new skills, to change my views for the better. Thanks for the excellent conditions of this certification program.

John Anderson

As an experienced human resources professional, I was initially skeptical about the BVOP program. However, after completing the certification, I am thoroughly impressed. BVOP's emphasis on simultaneous management of staff and senior management is truly groundbreaking. The program equips HR managers with the necessary skills to understand and meet the individual needs of employees while aligning them with the company's objectives.

I am confident that this certification will greatly enhance my ability to improve business outcomes and foster effective teamwork in any organization.

Sarah Thompson

I have been working in human resources for years, and BVOP has completely transformed my approach to the field. The program addresses the common issues plaguing HR departments, such as weak support, decision-making challenges, and inadequate conflict management skills. BVOP's focus on psychology and leadership skills is a game-changer.

This certification has given me the confidence and knowledge to provide better guidance, make informed decisions, and effectively manage emotions and conflicts. I am grateful to BVOP for revolutionizing the HR profession.

Michael Davis

I can't thank the Business Value-Oriented Principles Institute enough for their exceptional HR program. The knowledge and principles I gained through this certification have far surpassed my expectations. BVOP's unique approach has inspired professionals and brought positivity and hope to teams and management units.

I highly recommend the BVOP program to all HR professionals and organizational managers. It's a transformative experience that will elevate your skills and bring significant improvements to your company.

Emily Johnson

Being in a fast-paced and demanding profession, I used to struggle with handling dilemmas, problems, and conflicts within my teams. BVOP has been a game-changer for me. The program has equipped me with the courage and skills to effectively address these challenges. BVOP's focus on developing individuals and fostering a harmonious relationship between the business environment and its people is invaluable.

I extend my heartfelt appreciation to the Business Value-Oriented Principles Institute for providing me with this opportunity to grow and evolve both personally and professionally. The certification program's excellent conditions have truly exceeded my expectations.

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  1. Lauren Cook
    Hi BVOP. The idea with a focus on organizational culture and all the modern principles you describe are great. I also examined The Ultimate Guide. I even started to study. However, I would like to ask if I need technical skills or any previous experience in the field? There are sections of your teaching that are quite focused on product development. Do I need to be aware of the matter? Thanks in advance! Kind regards!
  2. BVOP™
    Hi Lauren! We are glad that you are already actively studying our teachings and that our business principles and ideas are in line with your views. No technical skills are required for the Human Resources certification program. Other disciplines are mixed and require different views, but you do not need to know project or product management, for example, or have technical experience. Kind regards!
  3. Theresa Wood
    Hello, dear BVOP team! Can you share the similarity and difference between Business Value-Oriented People Management (BVOPPM) and Human Resources? If you applied another term, then there should be some variation. As I consider taking advantage of your proposal, I would like to know to what extent this certification supports my ambitions for a career as a Human Resources Manager. I understand this has become perhaps a broad topic. Thanks a lot in advance for your time.
  4. BVOP™
    Hello, dear Theresa! Thank you for your interesting and important question. Human resources are a classic concept created many years ago. Many of the activities and responsibilities of the Human Resources Manager have been maintained over the years. In today's world and organizations, however, many new and important activities are required, through which adequate human resources departments would greatly improve the organization and its people. We recommend that you check out our BVOP ™ Ultimate Guide and navigate through the topics. You will find new activities such as Emotion Management, Fear Management, and many more innovative and vital sections. Kind regards! The BVOP™ Team
  5. Maria Ivanovna
    Hello, Do I need to study the remaining Project Management topics and other sections to pass the Certified Human Resource Manager exam? I noticed that your certification programs require knowledge in many areas. Does this requirement also apply to this certification? Greetings!
  6. BVOP™
    Dear Maria, You do not necessarily need to study these specific sections for your chosen program. However, it would be terrific to know the whole BVOP ™ Ultimate Guide as you can get much more comprehensive ideas about the work and problems of all deviations in today's product-oriented organizations. For your program, you need to have a good grasp of the beginning sections as well as only the Business Value-Oriented People Management sections published in the BVOP™ Ultimate Guide.
  7. Shirley Parker
    Hello I searched your site but could not find out if you were offering online Human Resources courses. How is BVOP ™ Human Resources Manager certification performed? Do I need to seek attendance courses locally in my country? thanks
  8. BVOP™
    Dear Shirley,

    You do not need to search or attend any BVOP™ training courses as there are no formal and regulated training courses. All BVOP™ programs require self-study of our free published materials.

    We recommend that you create a BVOP account, and in the Instructions section of your dashboard, you will find comprehensive information on certification processes. In short, you need to learn the sections of the BVOP™ Ultimate Guide related to People Management and then start the online exam.

  9. Dr. Priyathulasi Rajkumar
    Hello, Thanks for offering this versatile certification! I would like to know, if I will be eligible to use the "CHRM" and "SSM" credentials after my name, once I successfully achieve the Certified Human Resources Manager" and "Senior Scrum Master" certifications, respectively? Thanks and Regards, Dr. Tulsi Rajkumar
  10. BVOP™
    Dear Dr. Tulsi Rajkumar,
    Thank you for the question. You can use these abbreviations after your name without any problems.
    Kind regards
  11. Erica Schwarz

    I am especially glad that today I received my certificate quite deservedly. I put a lot of effort and work to learn the interesting and new topic of BVOP for me. I know exactly how Agile is because many colleagues around me follow and practice these practices. In other words, the combination of Agile and HR activities is especially interesting and revolutionary. You have created a special kind of hybrid framework that really concerns all organizations and all their levels for me.

    Operating with people

    I like operating with people. In addition, I perceive the work of a Human Resources Specialist as an intermediary between the business and the employee. A position that has the commitment to make sense of the job description of the vacant position. To find the closest possible or meeting the criteria staff that fits the requirements of the employer. To assess the possibilities and motivation of the candidate, as well as to take care of the integration of the candidate in the work environment. Above all, Human resource management is judgment, sense, intuition, and a look beyond the apparent and accessible information that a CV provides.

    Gaining knowledge in various fields

    I am ambitious for the chance to gain knowledge in various fields because knowing the position for which a suitable candidate is sought is an integral part of the human resources specialist profession. I consider myself a positive person who communicates freely with potential candidates. Besides, Conducting interviews is not a concern for me, on the contrary, I like meeting new people.

    Helping people to orientate professionally

    I feel satisfaction when I have the strength to help a person to orientate professionally, to help him find the way, and to believe that he can cope with a task. Trust me, he has a huge potential and could realize it right here.

    After all, I am motivated by the opportunity to develop and reach the level of human resources manager and as such to be able to lead a department. To be able to consult and encourage the people I manage in the best way. To locate problems and to be able to take adequate and fair treatment when necessary. To organize and encourage my people, according to their strongest qualities, to remind them that they are the most important resource for the implementation of the whole process.

  12. Paloma Martinez

    I liked the BVOP methodology. I found a lot in common between my beliefs and yours.

    I will not hide that I have recently become a partner in a medium-sized organization. I think I received this offer so that I could give even more of myself. And I want to do it. Not just to prove myself as a leader. But because I want to do it. I worked hard even when I was an ordinary specialist. Over the years, I have learned that human resources are at the heart of good business. We must work for the well-being of employees without interfering with other interests. To observe work ethic in the workplace.

    I want to develop more in the field because it is a complex specialty. The profession covers all modern professional fields and work activities.

    I believe that our professional activity is mandatory for every company. Our work is the close connection connecting each unit in the organization. We develop employees. We show each employee that he is special and important to us. Employees must feel at ease at work and the security of the company in which they work. Only when we have peace are we fully productive.

    I have always had a very good sense of people. I consider this quality to be key in this profession. I think I can conclude whether the person on the other side is suitable for a given position. I know when someone wants to prove themselves as a full-fledged staff. I love communication and working with people.

    I care about ethics, accuracy, and dedication in the workplace. I want to bring peace to the staff. Also, my mission is an innovative work environment. I want to encourage our employees to diligence and quality work.

    Nowadays, our profession is the key to the success of a company. More and more employers understand the importance of our activities. People matter. They are the engine driving the company. They contribute to the prosperity and well-being of the company.

    I am proud to say that I am already a BVOP certified professional. Thank you.

  13. Karin Bergström

    I believe that human resources are an area that can not only be learned, it must suit you. Compared to the dynamic professions I have had so far, the time has come when I decided that I should work in a profession that satisfies me.

    Organization is one of the qualities that makes me feel useful at work. What is a more appropriate profession than a Human Resources Manager?

    I am an extremely communicative person and I believe that the daily encounter with problems and discussions of human individuals, different and diverse, will provide me with that dynamic environment that will keep me interested in the work process.

    I want to learn new ways and methods to motivate employees, maintain the competitiveness of the company, to attract talent to the organization in which I work.

    I sincerely hope that BVOP will help with my goals. Best regards to the whole team and success to the colleagues.


  14. BVOP
    Dear Karin, Thanks for the great comment. We hope our teachings will help you in your career. We hope you have already received your document.
  15. Linda Grace
    I am looking for certification as an HR specialist instead of a manager. Is your program right for me? I expect your reply. Thanks in advance.
  16. BVOP™
    We specifically named our certificate Manager, because usually, the specialist does not have huge responsibilities. Also, it does not create processes and practices. While the manager, according to our teaching, builds processes and has a major role in the HR department.
  17. Adam Kowalski
    Do you send a paper certificate and how much does the service cost?
  18. BVOP™
    Any of our users who have successfully taken their certification exam can download their PDF certificate. Our files are of high resolution and quality. You can print your document on the paper of your choice and size.
  19. E. Williams
    Since I already have a HR Manager certificate (CHRM), I would like to ask if you offer a Director document?
  20. BVOP™
    Thank you for your interest in our certification programs. You can check out our other offers. We have a Chief Executive certification exam that may be of interest to you.
  21. Sophia Armstrong
    Hello dear team. I would like to ask if your HR training includes invoicing, accounting and other administrative activities related to government regulations?
  22. BVOP™
    Our HR sections from the BVOP Ultimate Guide do not cover invoicing, accounting, or other administrative activities related to government regulations. However, there are many other resources available online that can help you learn more about these topics. For example, there are several online courses and training programs that specialize in accounting and bookkeeping, including those offered by Udemy, Coursera, LinkedIn Learning, and others. Similarly, there are also many resources available online that can help you learn more about government regulations related to invoicing, taxes, and other administrative activities. I hope this information is helpful, and please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.
  23. Lucy Green
    Hello, how are you doing? Can you tell me how getting the BVOP HR Manager certification is useful and what makes it stand out from other HR management certifications out there?
  24. BVOP™

    Hello there! I hope you're doing well. It's great that you're interested in understanding the benefits of the BVOP HR Manager certification and what sets it apart from other HR management certifications available. Let's dive into the details.

    The BVOP HR Manager Certification offers a wealth of advantages:

    Holistic and Modern Approach:

    The BVOP HR Manager certification goes beyond the basics of HR management. It provides a comprehensive understanding of modern HR practices, focusing on strategic alignment, business integration, and innovative approaches to people management.

    Business-Oriented Perspective:

    Unlike some other HR certifications, BVOP emphasizes the integration of HR strategies with overall business goals. This means you'll not only be equipped to manage HR processes effectively but also contribute to the strategic decision-making process of the organization.

    Agile and Lean Methodologies:

    BVOP stands out by incorporating Agile and Lean principles into HR management. These methodologies promote adaptability, collaboration, and continuous improvement – qualities that are increasingly essential in the dynamic landscape of HR and organizational management.

    Practical Tools and Techniques:

    The certification program offers practical tools and techniques that you can apply directly to your HR role. From optimizing recruitment processes to enhancing employee engagement strategies, BVOP equips you with actionable insights.

    Focus on Communication and Collaboration:

    Effective communication and collaboration skills are at the heart of successful HR management. BVOP recognizes this and provides training that helps you foster transparent communication, teamwork, and conflict resolution.

    Global Recognition and Networking:

    BVOP certifications are recognized globally and are gaining traction in various industries. This means that by becoming a certified BVOP HR Manager, you're joining a community of professionals from around the world, creating opportunities for networking and knowledge sharing.

    Continuous Learning:

    BVOP promotes a culture of continuous learning and improvement. The certification is just the beginning – you'll have access to resources, updates, and a supportive community that can help you stay up-to-date with the latest HR trends and practices.

    In essence, the BVOP HR Manager certification offers a forward-thinking and comprehensive approach to HR management. Its focus on strategic alignment, innovative methodologies, and practical application sets it apart from traditional certifications. By obtaining this certification, you position yourself as a valuable asset to any organization, capable of driving positive change and contributing to its overall success.

    I hope this provides you with a clear understanding of the benefits and unique qualities of the BVOP HR Manager certification. If you have any more questions or if there's anything else you'd like to know, feel free to ask!

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