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Be a Certified Human Resources Manager with the BVOP Online Professional Certification Program

About the BVOP Human Resources Management Certification Program

Modern human resource management needs an extraordinary focus on the needs of people, organizations, and processes. A Certified Human Resources Manager is a professional with knowledge in managing people and teams, contributes to organizational culture and understands the modern needs and problems of both people and businesses.

The Business Value Oriented Principles (BVOP) state that modern human resource management needs to leave its comfort zone and to devote more attention to the personal and professional development of staff.

The BVOP Human Resources Management Online Certification Program has a mission to change the thinking of organizations and people to a great extent and to create a new culture of cooperation and the pursuit of common goals and directions. The only successful mechanism for developing people and organizations at the same time is the introduction of new paradigms, practices, and ways of thinking.

The BVOP Human Resources Manager

The BVOP Human Resources Manager is an advanced and new role that closely cooperates with all parties inside the organizations.

The certified BVOP Human Resources Manager is an important position with the mission to change the attitude, the way of thinking and interaction between senior management and staff and to improve organizational success, image, and productivity.

The certified professional BVOP Human Resources Manager understands the problems of both the organization and the employees and takes part in their fruitful solution. Role understands and supports the priorities of the organization and the employees and is actively involved in achieving the goals set.

The certified BVOP Human Resources Manager has the full competence and ability to manage conflicts and is always involved in defining and resolving conflicts. This is a major activity through which the human resources department reduces stress and at the same time increases the personal development of the conflict parties.

Who should apply for the BVOP Human Resources Management certification?

  • Human Resources manager
  • Senior Human Resources professionals
  • Junior Human Resources professionals
  • Chief executives
  • Professionals planning to develop a career as human resources professionals
  • Professionals with a passion to influence modern organizational principles
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Why you should apply for a BVOP online professional certification?

The BVOP Human Resources management certification program is designed to meet the needs of modern dynamic organizations and teams where success depends on responsible and experienced human resources professionals.

The BVOP Human Resources Manager acquires important skills in human resources that are helpful in stressful situations.

You will positively and constructively influence organizations and executives and guide them in the right direction in managing their employees.

As a certified BVOP Human Resources Manager, you will have the confidence and the desire to improve your organization's processes. You will be a respectful and necessary figure in every structure.

Exam topics

Introduction, Business Value Oriented People Management, Business Value Oriented Priorities and the General Topics sections.

Online certification process

Learn the Introduction, Business Value Oriented People Management (BVOPPM), Business Value Oriented Priorities and the General Topics sections included in the BVOP Ultimate Guide.


Deep understanding and knowledge of the required topics from the BVOP Ultimate Guide. Previous experience as a human resources professional is desired. Understanding of general and popular people management and human resources management principles and practices.


The BVOP Human Resources Manager certification is currently offered for $140   $70.

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BVOP Community Reviews
Sharon Phillips, BVOP Human Resources Manager

People do not usually understand how difficult the human resources department is. Managing people is a job that requires an understanding of the needs and requirements of each employee individually, and the human resources manager has to meet them with the company's requirements and needs.

BVOP points these topics for the first time and focuses on the simultaneous management of staff and senior management.

With this certificate, I will demonstrate my confidence and stand on my principles and goals in improving business and teams in every company I will work for in the future.

Kathleen Campbell, BVOP Human Resources Manager

Human resources are underestimated by many people and suffer from a lack of respect, not by accident. The activity of many HR teams is weak and incompetent for companies' problems. Human resource professionals can not provide support and guidance, can not make decisions, have no skills in managing emotions, obstacles, and conflicts.

I dare say that a certified human resources manager must have a knowledge of psychology and at the same time possess leadership skills.

To my surprise and to all my colleagues, BVOP solves exactly these massive and popular concerns. Thanks for the opportunity to get this certificate. I promise a useful work and action in improving the human resources activities in my company.

Maria Popovich, BVOP Human Resources Manager

I want to express my deepest gratitude to the Business Value Oriented Principles Institute for the cooperation and the opportunity to develop seriously in the field of human resources.

The knowledge I have acquired is unique and exceeds all my expectations and dreams. These new principles and rules inspire professionals and fire hope and positivism in all teams and the management units of organizations.

I strongly recommend the BVOP program to all professionals in the field of human resources and organizational management.

Elizabeth Williams, BVOP Human Resources Manager

My profession is extremely responsive, dynamic and tense. Thanks to BVOP, however, I now have the courage to face serious dilemmas, problems, and conflicts with my teams.

Indeed, there can be no modern company and organized and positive teams without principles that develop people in every respect. The business environment and the human in the people must be in harmony.

I thank the Business Value Oriented Principles Institute for giving me the opportunity to learn many new skills, to change my views for the better. Thanks for the excellent conditions of this certification program.