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Be a Certified Human Resources Manager with the BVOP Online HR Professional Certification Program

About the BVOP Human Resource Management Online Program

Modern HR Management needs an extraordinary focus on the needs of people, organizations, and processes. A Certified Human Resources Manager is a professional with knowledge in managing people and teams, contributes to organizational culture, and understands the modern needs and problems of both people and businesses.

The Business Value-Oriented Principles (BVOP) state that modern human resource management needs to leave its comfort zone and to devote more attention to the personal and professional development of staff.

The BVOP program has a mission to change the thinking of organizations and people to a great extent and to create a new culture of cooperation and the pursuit of common goals and directions. The only successful mechanism for developing people and organizations at the same time is the introduction of new paradigms, practices, and ways of thinking.

The Certified BVOP™ HR Manager

The BVOP Human Resources Manager is an advanced and new role that closely cooperates with all parties inside the organizations.

The BVOP HR professional is an important position with the mission to change the attitude, the way of thinking, and interaction between senior management and staff and to improve organizational success, image, and productivity.

They understand the problems of both the organization and the employees and takes part in their fruitful solution. Role understands and supports the priorities of the organization and the employees and is actively involved in achieving the goals set.

The certified BVOP Human Resources Manager has the full competence and ability to manage conflicts and is always involved in defining and resolving conflicts. This is a major activity through which the human resources department reduces stress and at the same time, increases the personal development of the conflict parties.

Who should participate in the program?

  • Human Resources Managers
  • Senior HR professionals
  • Junior HR specialists
  • Chief Executives
  • Professionals who plan to develop a career soon
  • HR-oriented enthusiasts with a passion for influencing modern organizational principles
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Why should you apply for a our online professional certification?

The BVOP™ program is designed to meet the needs of modern dynamic organizations and teams where success depends on responsible and experienced human resources professionals.

The BVOP Professionals acquire important skills in modern disciplines and topics that are helpful in stressful situations.

You will positively and constructively influence organizations and executives and guide them in the right direction in managing their employees.

You will have the confidence and the desire to improve your organization's processes. You will be a respectful and necessary figure in every structure.

Exam topics

Introduction, Business Value-Oriented People Management, Business Value-Oriented Priorities, and the General Topics sections.

Online certification process

Learn the Introduction, Business Value-Oriented People Management (BVOPPM), Business Value-Oriented Priorities, and the General Topics sections included in the BVOP Ultimate Guide.


Deep understanding and knowledge of the required topics from the BVOP Ultimate Guide. Previous experience as a human resources professional is desired. Understanding of general and popular people management principles and practices.


The certification program is currently offered for $140   $70.

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BVOP Community Reviews
Sharon Phillips

People do not usually understand how difficult the human resources department is. Managing people is a job that requires an understanding of the needs and requirements of each employee individually, and the human resources manager has to meet them with the company's requirements and needs.

BVOP points these topics for the first time and focuses on the simultaneous management of staff and senior management.

With this certificate, I will demonstrate my confidence and stand on my principles and goals in improving business and teams in every company I will work for in the future.

Kathleen Campbell

Human resources are underestimated by many people and suffer from a lack of respect, not by accident. The activity of many HR teams is weak and incompetent for companies' problems. HR professionals can not provide support and guidance, can not make decisions, have no skills in managing emotions, obstacles, and conflicts.

I dare say that a certified human resources manager must have a knowledge of psychology and at the same time, possess leadership skills.

To my surprise and all my colleagues, BVOP solves exactly these massive and popular concerns. Thanks for the opportunity to get this certificate. I promise a useful work and action in improving the human resources activities in my company.

Maria Popovich

I want to express my deepest gratitude to the Business Value-Oriented Principles Institute for the cooperation and the opportunity to develop seriously in the field of human resources.

The knowledge I have acquired is unique and exceeds all my expectations and dreams. These new principles and rules inspire professionals and fire hope and positivism in all teams and the management units of organizations.

I strongly recommend the BVOP program to all professionals in the HR field and organizational management.

Elizabeth Williams

My profession is extremely responsive, dynamic, and tense. Thanks to BVOP, however, I now have the courage to face serious dilemmas, problems, and conflicts with my teams.

Indeed, there can be no modern company and organized and positive teams without principles that develop people in every respect. The business environment and the human in the people must be in harmony.

I thank the Business Value-Oriented Principles Institute for giving me the opportunity to learn many new skills, to change my views for the better. Thanks for the excellent conditions of this certification program.

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  1. Lauren Cook
    Hi BVOP. The idea with a focus on organizational culture and all the modern principles you describe are great. I also examined The Ultimate Guide. I even started to study. However, I would like to ask if I need technical skills or any previous experience in the field? There are sections of your teaching that are quite focused on product development. Do I need to be aware of the matter? Thanks in advance! Kind regards!
  2. BVOP™
    Hi Lauren! We are glad that you are already actively studying our teachings and that our business principles and ideas are in line with your views. No technical skills are required for the Human Resources certification program. Other disciplines are mixed and require different views, but you do not need to know project or product management, for example, or have technical experience. Kind regards!
  3. Theresa Wood
    Hello, dear BVOP team! Can you share the similarity and difference between Business Value-Oriented People Management (BVOPPM) and Human Resources? If you applied another term, then there should be some variation. As I consider taking advantage of your proposal, I would like to know to what extent this certification supports my ambitions for a career as a Human Resources Manager. I understand this has become perhaps a broad topic. Thanks a lot in advance for your time.
  4. BVOP™
    Hello, dear Theresa! Thank you for your interesting and important question. Human resources are a classic concept created many years ago. Many of the activities and responsibilities of the Human Resources Manager have been maintained over the years. In today's world and organizations, however, many new and important activities are required, through which adequate human resources departments would greatly improve the organization and its people. We recommend that you check out our BVOP ™ Ultimate Guide and navigate through the topics. You will find new activities such as Emotion Management, Fear Management, and many more innovative and vital sections. Kind regards! The BVOP™ Team
  5. Maria Ivanovna
    Hello, Do I need to study the remaining Project Management topics and other sections to pass the Certified Human Resource Manager exam? I noticed that your certification programs require knowledge in many areas. Does this requirement also apply to this certification? Greetings!
  6. BVOP™
    Dear Maria, You do not necessarily need to study these specific sections for your chosen program. However, it would be terrific to know the whole BVOP ™ Ultimate Guide as you can get much more comprehensive ideas about the work and problems of all deviations in today's product-oriented organizations. For your program, you need to have a good grasp of the beginning sections as well as only the Business Value-Oriented People Management sections published in the BVOP™ Ultimate Guide.
  7. Shirley Parker
    Hello I searched your site but could not find out if you were offering online Human Resources courses. How is BVOP ™ Human Resources Manager certification performed? Do I need to seek attendance courses locally in my country? thanks
  8. BVOP™
    Dear Shirley,

    You do not need to search or attend any BVOP™ training courses as there are no formal and regulated training courses. All BVOP™ programs require self-study of our free published materials.

    We recommend that you create a BVOP account, and in the Instructions section of your dashboard, you will find comprehensive information on certification processes. In short, you need to learn the sections of the BVOP™ Ultimate Guide related to People Management and then start the online exam.

  9. Dr. Priyathulasi Rajkumar
    Hello, Thanks for offering this versatile certification! I would like to know, if I will be eligible to use the "CHRM" and "SSM" credentials after my name, once I successfully achieve the Certified Human Resources Manager" and "Senior Scrum Master" certifications, respectively? Thanks and Regards, Dr. Tulsi Rajkumar
  10. BVOP™
    Dear Dr. Tulsi Rajkumar,
    Thank you for the question. You can use these abbreviations after your name without any problems.
    Kind regards
  11. Erica Schwarz

    I am especially glad that today I received my certificate quite deservedly. I put a lot of effort and work to learn the interesting and new topic of BVOP for me. I know exactly how Agile is because many colleagues around me follow and practice these practices. In other words, the combination of Agile and HR activities is especially interesting and revolutionary. You have created a special kind of hybrid framework that really concerns all organizations and all their levels for me.

    Operating with people

    I like operating with people. In addition, I perceive the work of a Human Resources Specialist as an intermediary between the business and the employee. A position that has the commitment to make sense of the job description of the vacant position. To find the closest possible or meeting the criteria staff that fits the requirements of the employer. To assess the possibilities and motivation of the candidate, as well as to take care of the integration of the candidate in the work environment. Above all, Human resource management is judgment, sense, intuition, and a look beyond the apparent and accessible information that a CV provides.

    Gaining knowledge in various fields

    I am ambitious for the chance to gain knowledge in various fields because knowing the position for which a suitable candidate is sought is an integral part of the human resources specialist profession. I consider myself a positive person who communicates freely with potential candidates. Besides, Conducting interviews is not a concern for me, on the contrary, I like meeting new people.

    Helping people to orientate professionally

    I feel satisfaction when I have the strength to help a person to orientate professionally, to help him find the way, and to believe that he can cope with a task. Trust me, he has a huge potential and could realize it right here.

    After all, I am motivated by the opportunity to develop and reach the level of human resources manager and as such to be able to lead a department. To be able to consult and encourage the people I manage in the best way. To locate problems and to be able to take adequate and fair treatment when necessary. To organize and encourage my people, according to their strongest qualities, to remind them that they are the most important resource for the implementation of the whole process.

  12. Paloma Martinez

    I liked the BVOP methodology. I found a lot in common between my beliefs and yours.

    I will not hide that I have recently become a partner in a medium-sized organization. I think I received this offer so that I could give even more of myself. And I want to do it. Not just to prove myself as a leader. But because I want to do it. I worked hard even when I was an ordinary specialist. Over the years, I have learned that human resources are at the heart of good business. We must work for the well-being of employees without interfering with other interests. To observe work ethic in the workplace.

    I want to develop more in the field because it is a complex specialty. The profession covers all modern professional fields and work activities.

    I believe that our professional activity is mandatory for every company. Our work is the close connection connecting each unit in the organization. We develop employees. We show each employee that he is special and important to us. Employees must feel at ease at work and the security of the company in which they work. Only when we have peace are we fully productive.

    I have always had a very good sense of people. I consider this quality to be key in this profession. I think I can conclude whether the person on the other side is suitable for a given position. I know when someone wants to prove themselves as a full-fledged staff. I love communication and working with people.

    I care about ethics, accuracy, and dedication in the workplace. I want to bring peace to the staff. Also, my mission is an innovative work environment. I want to encourage our employees to diligence and quality work.

    Nowadays, our profession is the key to the success of a company. More and more employers understand the importance of our activities. People matter. They are the engine driving the company. They contribute to the prosperity and well-being of the company.

    I am proud to say that I am already a BVOP certified professional. Thank you.

  13. Karin Bergström

    I believe that human resources are an area that can not only be learned, it must suit you. Compared to the dynamic professions I have had so far, the time has come when I decided that I should work in a profession that satisfies me.

    Organization is one of the qualities that makes me feel useful at work. What is a more appropriate profession than a Human Resources Manager?

    I am an extremely communicative person and I believe that the daily encounter with problems and discussions of human individuals, different and diverse, will provide me with that dynamic environment that will keep me interested in the work process.

    I want to learn new ways and methods to motivate employees, maintain the competitiveness of the company, to attract talent to the organization in which I work.

    I sincerely hope that BVOP will help with my goals. Best regards to the whole team and success to the colleagues.


  14. BVOP
    Dear Karin, Thanks for the great comment. We hope our teachings will help you in your career. We hope you have already received your document.
  15. Linda Grace
    I am looking for certification as an HR specialist instead of a manager. Is your program right for me? I expect your reply. Thanks in advance.
  16. BVOP™
    We specifically named our certificate Manager, because usually, the specialist does not have huge responsibilities. Also, it does not create processes and practices. While the manager, according to our teaching, builds processes and has a major role in the HR department.
  17. Adam Kowalski
    Do you send a paper certificate and how much does the service cost?
  18. BVOP™
    Any of our users who have successfully taken their certification exam can download their PDF certificate. Our files are of high resolution and quality. You can print your document on the paper of your choice and size.
  19. E. Williams
    Since I already have a HR Manager certificate (CHRM), I would like to ask if you offer a Director document?
  20. BVOP™
    Thank you for your interest in our certification programs. You can check out our other offers. We have a Chief Executive certification exam that may be of interest to you.
  21. Sophia Armstrong
    Hello dear team. I would like to ask if your HR training includes invoicing, accounting and other administrative activities related to government regulations?
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