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The following article is a sample from the full BVOP™ Ultimate Guide and is part of the preparation for the BVOP™'s modern Agile Project Management Certification Program.

Executing includes all activities between planning and closing the project. Executing is not a specific activity. It is a mix and groups of activities that are needed to complete the project and add business value.

During the entire executing phase, the Business Value-Oriented Project Management (BVOPM) office focuses on its activities, paying specific attention to:

  • Waste management
  • Decisions making
  • Defects analysis
  • Observation and optimization
  • Support

These activities are the most essential for providing speed, quality, and covering the scope of the project.

Executing projects phase in project management
BVOP Community Reviews
  1. Barbara Kaspo, BVOP Project Manager

    The executing phase is the longest, most difficult and stressful phase in project management. This is the actual implementation of the project. Whether it's product development, research, and development, innovation, or simply integration of a complete product, this phase is always associated with potentially problematic activities.

    Problems can occur from anywhere, anytime. Executing a project in real-world situations is not like a textbook.

    Development time is always more than planned. The cost is more. Nerves and stress are always on the table.

    What can save teams, companies, investments, and nerves is good project planning and risk management.

    I respect BVOP so much because of focusing on risk management and detailed and contemporary approaches to team-based risk management.

    For the Executing phase you have to do many standard project management practices, but BVOP adds waste management, decision making, and defect analysis as additional activities to the day-to-day work of the modern project manager. These are very important activities that can save you the loss of finances, time and frustrated clients and investors.

    I strongly recommend that you incorporate these practices into your actual working processes. It will be difficult at first, you will not know what to do always. But over time, you will adapt these activities to your work and your productivity will increase significantly.

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