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Fear management

The following article is a sample from the full BVOP™ Ultimate Guide and is part of the preparation for the BVOP™'s modern Agile Human Resources Management Professional Certification Program.

The BVOP introduce fear management as an important activity of the Business Value Oriented People Management (BVOPPM) office. Fear may be a root cause of different losses and wastes in areas like:

  • Productivity
  • Proactivity
  • Communication
  • Information

The result from fear may be:

  • Not acting
  • Acting improperly
  • Not involving in communications
  • Not committing
  • General passiveness
  • Avoiding events and situations
  • Concealment
  • Providing wrong information
  • Developing wrong or not needed work

All these results may cause wastes and may be considered as serious losses. The Business Value Oriented People Management (BVOPPM) office needs to be aware of these potential results of general fear amongst individuals inside the organization and try to minimize such results.

Fear may include the following aspects:

  • Embarrassment
  • Deposing
  • Dismissal
  • Reprimand
  • Critics


Workforce status analysis

If the organization is not aware of its workforce status, it may not plan correctly future or current initiatives. Motivation, conflicts, skills, tools and personnel sufficiency may be subject of analysis, reports, and monitoring.

Organizational attitude analysis

The high management general attitude may be a core source of the entire organizational attitude and vice versa. The personnel attitude may affect the entire organizational attitude on every level. 

The BVOPPM office analyses the general organizational attitude, assist on its management and supports all departments, offices, key roles and individuals in planning and maintaining a positive atmosphere and attitude.

Fear Management in Human Resources and Project Management
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  1. Paul R.
    If our company starts doing these things, it will become a dream job company. Fear management sounds uniquely interesting, innovative and contemporary. I suppose human resources need to have serious skills for doing so, but still that's their job. They must have such skills. I strongly support these initiatives and practices. I hope they will become more and more popular. This will be good for all of us. For businesses and employees at the same time.

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