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Managing the Transparent Board of Project Issues

Managing the Transparent Board of Project Issues

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Managing the Transparent Board of Project Issues

The following article is part of the self-preparation for the modern BVOP® Project Management Certification program.

The Transparent Board of Project Issues is a dynamic list, accessible to all management roles and development teams involved in the project. It contains a regularly updated list of issues and concerns about the project, the involved people, the used tools, and the processes. The Business Value-Oriented Project Management (BVOPM) office records the issues, manages their resolution and, if necessary, directs them to other offices, roles, and parties.

    Comments from the BVOP™ community on “Managing the Transparent Board of Project Issues”

    Rachel Edwards

    The Transparent Board of Project Issues is something really new and unknown so far. This is probably a shocking topic for many managers around the world.

    Project management practices should begin to accept this sensitive topic and society as a whole accept that it is now time for all organizations and projects to have transparent governance and open issues. All management roles in the organization should be aware that this tool is not something negative. People should not be frightened but on the contrary.

    Accepting this list as a normal form is a slow process and companies will experience stress at the beginning. Over time, however, teams and managers will begin to perceive this practice as conventional, and even the lack of this list of issues will be perceived as something negative.

    I highly recommend that project managers begin implementing the Transparent Board of Project Issues and gradually adapt to this unique and transparent practice for improvement projects and processes.

    Comments on “Managing the Transparent Board of Project Issues”

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