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Participation in program management and Supporting

Participation in program management and Supporting

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Participation in program management and Supporting

The following article is part of the self-preparation for the modern BVOP® Project Management Certification program.

This chapter explains the participation of project managers in program management in the context of BVOP.

  1. Participation in program management
  2. Supporting

Participation in program management

The Business Value-Oriented Project Management (BVOPM) office may be part of the Business Value-Oriented Program Management (BVOPGM) office, or they both may be considered as one.

Participation in program management may include:

  • Assisting in defining project management methodologies, practices, or frameworks.
  • Requesting support, advice, and knowledge from other roles.
  • Assisting in modifying or combining project management methodologies or practices.
  • Presenting decisions, pros and cons to interested parties.
  • Assisting in training other roles in the modified methodologies or practices.
  • Assisting in maintaining a knowledge database of lessons learned.
  • Assisting in spreading knowledge across other roles.
  • Supporting other roles, offices, and interested parties.


The BVOPM office participates in various supporting activities planned by the BVOPGM office and follows its strategies, objectives, and guidelines.

Supporting is presented in the Business Value-Oriented Program Management section.

Comments from the BVOP™ community on “Participation in program management and Supporting”

Samantha Evans

The project manager is the management role that is really close to the team and the project. Participation in the definition of project management methodologies and practices is a fully understandable activity as the program manager does not always know details about the project specifics and the work of the teams.

BVOP addresses that senior management should apply modern management principles in organizations. The role of the program manager is precisely that - to introduce a new mentality. The program manager should be the provocateur of collaborative work between program and project managers. The role of the BVOP Executive Director is the same, but while the senior management does not introduce a modern culture and understands, "responsibility" lies with the project manager.

Interact with senior management at any cost, on a regular and projective basis. Communicate with your teams, keep your notes and points. Create conditions for productive work together with senior management.

It is not by accident that BVOP states that PM and PGM offices can be accepted as one.


BVOPM may be part of BVOPGM. Participation in program management includes defining methodologies, requesting support, modifying practices, presenting decisions, training others, maintaining a knowledge database, spreading knowledge, and supporting other roles.

The BVOPM office supports the BVOPGM office's activities and follows its strategies and guidelines. This is discussed in the Business Value-Oriented Program Management section.

The project manager works closely with the team and the project, and may participate in defining project management methodologies. The program manager's role is to introduce new management principles and encourage collaboration between program and project managers. BVOP emphasizes the need for modern management principles in organizations, and the program manager and BVOP Executive Director are responsible for promoting this culture. It is important to regularly communicate with senior management and create productive working conditions for the team.

Comments on “Participation in program management and Supporting”

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