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Offices specifics

All activities of the BVOPGM office may be applied on a project level by the Business Value Oriented Project Management (BVOPM) office and each activity is applied by BVOPM office representatives.

Combination of offices and activities

For any number of reasons, an organization may choose not to maintain program management office and needed activities of the BVOPGM office are executed by the BVOPM office. Under these circumstances, the BVOPGM and BVOPM office are considered as one combined office.

Strategies of an organization may include maintaining only program management roles, where program managers role are responsible for multiple projects and all project management activities.

Depending on the organizational portfolio, missions, strategies, structure, and other specifics, the Business Value Oriented Product Management (BVOPDM) office may also be included in the combined office. In this instance, management roles should be able to perform program, project and product management activities and need to possess the knowledge and skills to do so.

Mixing and combination of offices, roles, and activities may be part of strategies when organizations have with limited resources and classical management roles are obscured and such roles in the project realization process are replaced directly by organizational executives or other multifunctional figures. 

As organizations may try to accomplish maximum results with minimum resources and roles involved, the BVOP support the idea of combinations of roles and suggest that multifunctional and advanced figures inside organizations need to know and understand all activities and principles of the business value oriented program, project and product management.

Program and Project Management Offices may be considered as one
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The BVOP Certificates

BVOP Chief Executive

The BVOP Chief Executive is the core driver of the Business Value Oriented Principles and the most advanced figure and leads the interest of the organization.

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BVOP Program Director

The BVOP Program Director manages the entire business value oriented program management office and have exceptional expertise and applies strategies.

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BVOP Agile Director

The BVOP Director is the most advanced and important role inside Agile products and services-based organizations.

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BVOP Project Manager

The BVOP Project Manager is an advanced and competent business, product and technical role and a key factor for success of the projects.

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BVOP Product Manager

With advancing design, development, technical and business knowledge, the BVOP Product Manager is a master role and decision maker for the products.

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BVOP Product Owner

Responsible and skilled BVOP Product Owners balance both business and technical needs using Agile approaches and provide business value for products.

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BVOP Scrum Master

The BVOP Scrum Master role combine skills, Agile thinking and project management practices to enchant processes, teams and stakeholders.

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BVOP Human Resources Manager

People are the greatest assets of any organization. Balancing the people and organization needs

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