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Observing and optimizing

The following article is a sample from the full BVOP™ Ultimate Guide and is part of the preparation for the BVOP™'s modern Agile Project Management Certification Program.

Specific activities, processes, and practices may be needed at different stages of the project and their efficiency may vary. The Business Value Oriented Project Management (BVOPM) office observes and optimizes work, processes, practices, interactions.


Observing may include observing and analyzing the efficiency of:

  • Work progress
  • Work status
  • Management practices
  • Design, development or implementation practices
  • Validation, approval or test practices
  • Communications and interactions


If a not optimal work, progress, status, practice or interaction is observed, the BVOPM and Business Value Oriented Program Management (BVOPGM) offices optimize its efficiency to avoid waste and to improve bottlenecks.

The optimization may include:

  • Modifying teams
  • Modifying management practices
  • Providing tools, databases or software
  • Adding formal processes or suspension of such
  • Controlling interactions

Optimizations need to be implemented carefully only if patterns are observed periodically.

Observing and optimizing management processes and practices
BVOP Community Reviews
  1. Shiori Nakamura, BVOP Project Manager

    Most project management doctrines do not include optimizing their processes. Old methodologies impose strict terminology, rules, and conditions that are strictly and blindly followed, but no one talks about the evolution of processes and the optimization of team practices.

    Remember something very important. BVOP changes this and the rules are not strict and defined. There are no laws. If a process hinders your job, remove it. Discuss your current work practices and anything that is inappropriate for your organization, project, or team can be removed.

    The observation of the processes and practices mentioned in this manual does not take much time. If you pay attention to the interactions between people in your teams and management roles, you will notice in time what is a waste for you.

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