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Attitude management

The following article is a sample from the full BVOP™ Ultimate Guide and is part of the preparation for the BVOP™'s modern Agile Project Management Certification Program.

A positive attitude is a major factor in constructive communication and collaboration between teams, offices, and professionals, which in turn can improve the overall productivity of the project, the teams, and the organization.

This activity may include attitude management of:

  • Project and product teams
  • Organizational offices
  • External parties

The BVOP suggests that a representative of the Business Value-Oriented Project Management (BVOPM) office should be among the teams as much as possible.

The presence of Business Value-Oriented Project Management (BVOPM) roles needs to be positive. They support, motivate, and inspire teams who should be positive and focused on their work.

The BVOPM and Business Value-Oriented People Management (BVOPPM) offices may need to work together to manage attitudes.

The BVOPM and BVOPPM offices may organize events and provide resources related to:

  • Group sessions involving teams for discussing existing issues.
  • Individual sessions for discussing existing issues.
  • Planning of training programs.
  • Emphasizing the importance of the success achieved by teams and individuals.
  • Personal and professional development programs.
Attitude management, Work Attitude, and professional behavior
BVOP Community Reviews
  1. Shirley Parker, BVOP Certified Human Resources Manager

    The mood among all participants in the project is extremely important for productive communication. And attitudes towards work and others are critical to successful projects, organizations, and teams.

    Management of team attitudes, management roles, and various project participants is a difficult task for the project manager because it requires a lot of skills in human resource management practices.

    The presence of a management position among the teams really reduces the bad attitude, behavior, and morale of employees. This is a confirmed fact of decadence.

    I want to focus the attention of readers on the important detail that the presence of management roles among the teams should be positive and balanced.

    If teams experience stress due to the presence of a project manager among them physically, this may show positive values ​​of overall productivity, but over time there will be mistakes and deliberate avoidance of communication and interaction.

    It is clear what the consequences are for the whole project. The lack of communication and interaction causes a delay in the work of the teams and they start to miss important topics. Talks are down. Innovation is down. Charges and intrigues are being started. The attitude looks good but only apparent. The real problems are behind the scenes.

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