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BVOP launches free certification for COVID-19 affected countries

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BVOP launches free certification for COVID-19 affected countries

BVOP is launching a campaign offering online management certification exams for free to residents of the COVID-19 most affected countries.

With this initiative, we want to support the most critical areas of the world and enable professionals to have a good career opportunity after the end of these hard times, when the quarantine periods have passed and many people will need to apply for a job.

Even in times of limitations and high caution, we hope to support remote career opportunities.

For now, BVOP offers its support to residents of the following countries:





South Korea

Free certification is available for the BVOP™ Certified Project Manager program.

How to enroll in the initiative?

Email [email protected] with the following information:

1. Your name.

2. Your email address.

3. Attachment of an identity document issued by your government (read Protection of personal data below).

4. Short essay (300-500 words) in English on "How would I support my employer and the economy with my professional skills".

5. URL of your Linkedin profile (if you have one).

6. Would you like us to include your essay on our web site and indicate your name and Linkedin profile. (Yes or No).

Please do not send your names and essays in attachments but only in plain text format directly in the contents of the email. Applications with name and essay attachments will not be considered.

Protection of personal data

To protect your personal information, please mask/blur your photo, card ID, address and other information. All we need is to confirm your name and identify your country.

For even better security, your masked documents will be deleted as soon as your name and country are validated.

The process after applying for the initiative

After confirming your names and country of residence, you will receive instructions explaining the next steps.

Not all applications may be reviewed.

We will prioritize applications with professionally and well-written essays that demonstrate the highest motivation, ambition and clear professional goals related to the topic of the essay.

However, we may not be able to process all applications physically, and we apologize to everyone in advance.

The health of our team would also be a factor when considering applications.

We will publish selected essays written by motivated professionals.

We will publish the essays, names and Linkedin profiles of applicants who have indicated that they would like us to do so.

We are expecting you.

Stay healthy and safe.
The BVOP Team

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Author: BVOP Published on: Friday Mar 20, 2020

Comments from the BVOP™ community on "BVOP launches free certification for COVID-19 affected countries "

Comments on “BVOP launches free certification for COVID-19 affected countries ”

  1. Sushant j

    Does india is added in the country list now or it is going to be in updated list
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