BVOP ™ launches a Campaign for Management Certification for the Unemployed

BVOP ™ launches a campaign for management certification for unemployed people to provide training for unemployed persons and to increase their employability. The initiative takes place in different countries around the world.

All persons formally declared by the local unemployment agency as unemployed are eligible to participate in the campaign and apply for certification in the following disciplines.

Certified Project Manager
Certified Product Manager
Certified Human Resources Manager

The campaign for certification of unemployed people is currently advancing in the following countries:















The free certification campaign offers limited numbers for each country.

The number of free certification exams reserved for the countries listed:

Afghanistan, 2000

Bangladesh, 1000

Bulgaria, 1000

China, 6000

Guatemala, 1000

India, 6000

Indonesia, 5000

Iraq, 2000

Madagascar, 1000

Mexico, 2000

Moldova, 1000

Philippines, 2000

Thailand, 2000

Ukraine, 1000

Applying for the free management certification program

To apply for the free management certification program, unemployed persons must prepare the following resources and materials:

  • Formal document proving your registered status with your local unemployment agency
  • Cover letter

Apply only through local BVOP ™ representatives. These may be state agencies as well as private organizations that have joined the initiative.


Due to no small amount of administrative work involved in assisting the unemployed, each applicant will be charged a minimum fee for processing the application. Applicants will be provided with instructions or other guidance materials. Local organizations representing the campaign performs charging. Each representative organization may have different fees depending on its administrative status or geographical location.

Join in the campaign

Representatives of local governmental or private organizations can participate in the campaign for a free management certification program for the unemployed. You can request your participation at email [email protected] by submitting your administrative status, activity type, location, and description of your motivation to participate.

Extension of territorial scope

BVOP plans to expand the campaign in the future to include additional countries in the target list.

Comments from the BVOP™ community on "BVOP™ launches a Global Campaign for Management Certification for the Unemployed"

Comments on “BVOP ™ launches a Campaign for Management Certification for the Unemployed”

  1. José Luis

    Hello, This is great news for all of us. I am a resident of Mexico, and I am unemployed. Can you advise me what documents do I need to apply for your program? Thanks in advance. Regards
  2. Anirudh Pandey

    Hello Team, I am a resident of India having experience of around 12 years in operations and project management. I have been supporting society by helping & supporting my peers and subordinates to learn, while getting up the ladder in their career. Due to some medical reasons in my family, I had to quit my last organisation couple of months back. I have been searching for a suitable job since then. I believe that the certifications and training offered by BVOP is certainly one of its kind and beneficial to all. I think the certifications can help me get back in the industry and support my family and society. Kindly share, how can I apply to get the above certification? I have my Employment Exchange ID ready if asked.
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