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The Free Agile Project Management Book is not in PDF

Free Agile Project Management Book in PDF

No need to search any further. The Agile Project Management book of the 21st century is in front of you. If you are looking for a free and modern project management book (2020) you should probably pay special attention to The "BVOP™ Ultimate Guide". Read the book for free online here... ...and check the Agile Project Management Certification Program.

  1. The book is not in PDF format. We offer you a better solution
  2. Book Content
  3. Program Management Activities
  4. Product management in the book is highlighted
  5. Price of the book
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  7. How do I read this book?

BVOP created its guide in 2018 and then updated it with additional advanced project management concepts and ideas.

This "book" is free for anyone willing to adopt the Business Value-Oriented Principles and apply them to their professional project management practice.

The book is not in PDF format. We offer you a better solution

The BVOP™ Ultimate Guide is available online on our website. You do not need to download PDFs on your phone or laptop. Our modern and distinct project management book is available to you at all times on our website.

Book Content

The BVOP™ Ultimate Guide contains many chapters that relate directly to program management and project management. BVOP™ has the latest project management concepts and practices. We have removed unnecessary documents, practices, and ideas that do not provide business value for projects, teams, and organizations.

Business value is a major part of our guide. You will encounter this concept throughout the book.

The Project Management Book begins with the basic principles that BVOP™ creates and imposes among the professional community.

The following are the program management sections.

Project management practices and activities follow.

Product management is a part of the responsibility of the project manager

Human resources are included in our principles because without proper people management in the organization, progress and business value are lacking.

Lastly, we included exemplary organizational priorities that every modern professional should know about.

The book describes the activities of the modern project manager

The following project manager activities are described in detail in our book as part of the responsibilities of responsible professionals.

Documentation management

Document management is about eliminating unnecessary documentation and creating effective, easy, concise, and useful information for teams. In doing so, wants to teach you to be helpful, effective, and to give your teams a productive environment.

Product Management

BVOP™ teaches project management to product practitioners. In today's world, product-oriented organizations are a major part of the business worldwide, and dynamic and innovative products are now a major part of our lives and our work. This is why BVOP™ project managers receive this additional qualification.

Scope management

Range management is focused not on stitching the range. BVOP™ welcomes the changes by offering alternatives.


Project planning, however, remains a classic project manager activity. However, for interesting details, read the book.

Project risk management

Risk management is one of the most important topics that BVOP™ addresses in its teaching. We have added new practices that can significantly reduce risks and save huge costs for organizations.

Time estimation

BVOP offers relative time estimation practices and recommends all current Agile practices on the topic.

Waste management

Waste management is another major and important topic throughout BVOP's teaching. We have added Waste management to the activities and responsibilities of the modern project manager. Eliminating waste is a real business value-added venture.

Decisions making

The project manager should make decisions instead of passively monitoring the project. That is why we have added this topic to our book.


In the implementation of the projects, we have included interesting and surprising details that every modern project manager should pay attention to.

Business value points measurement

After BVOP™ imposed the concept of business value, it was time to create a method for measuring business value. Through the Business Point Calculation Tool, BVOP™ has introduced an innovative approach to modern project and product management.

Attitude management

Employee attitude is a topic that is not discussed in traditional project management scholars, but BVOP™ puts this issue in focus. A project manager as a role that is close to the teams can have a direct influence on their attitude.

Defects analysis

Tens of thousands of organizations around the world create products and work on projects. Defects are commonplace but few teams and organizations pay attention to the causes of the problems. BVOP™ takes this book seriously and offers an effective and easy defect analysis tool

Observation and optimization

Processes are not always effective and often make it difficult for teams to help them. Project managers need to monitor the effectiveness of processes and when obstacles and difficult processes are stopped, they must be adapted and optimized.

Management participation program

In our book BVOP™ Ultimate Guide, we have indicated the possibility for the project manager to participate directly in the program management activities and activities. BVOP™ even referred to the idea of ​​merging these two offices.


Supporting teams and all activities is an important part of the work of Agile companies today. Someone has to fulfill this role and help everyone around. BVOP™ assigned this difficult task to the project manager again.

Project closure

Project closure is a major part of classic project management, but in the context of our Agile teaching, we offer new insights and opinions on the subject. Read the book to understand our new and optimized views on the topic.

Management of the Transparent Board of Project Issues

The Transparent Board of Project Issues is a tool that BVOP™ has introduced when creating value-oriented principles. It is a tool and approach that enhances the transparency of the project status and contributes significantly to the problem-solving strategy.

Program Management Activities

Today's Agile Oriented Project Manager must be aware of program management. That is why we have increased the activities and responsibilities of the BVOP™ Certified Project Manager and are teaching them additional practices and participation in the programs.

Each project manager must have confidence in the management of the programs and be able to see the links between the projects and their dependencies. High-level risk and stakeholder management is an activity performed by program managers. However, BVOP™ also emphasizes these activities and knowledge to enhance the competence of professionals.

Product management in the book is highlighted

As mentioned earlier, products are a major part of the work of teams today. Many project managers around the world have little knowledge of product topics, but BVOP™ is already changing that. Our book contains many valuable product development tips, practices, and recommendations. Today's Agile-focused project managers need to know many of these concepts and practices to significantly facilitate product work.

Price of the book

The BVOP™ Ultimate Guide is free material and you do not have to pay any fees. We will be glad to share our teaching with your relatives, colleagues, and friends.


The BVOP ™ Ultimate Guide is published online and is not a classic PDF project management book. However, as a guide, we can say that it is approximately 300 pages.

How do I read this book?

Our teaching touches on many contemporary topics and we recommend any organization to adopt them quickly. We recommend starting from the beginning to get acquainted with our principles and ideas. 

It is advisable to read the chapters "About the Business Value-Oriented Principles", "Business Value-Oriented Program Management (BVOPGM)", "Business Value-Oriented Project Management (BVOPM)" and "Business Value-Oriented Product Management (BVOPDM)" sequentially.

No reading sequence is required for the "Business Value-Oriented People Management (BVOPPM)" and "Business Value-Oriented Priorities" chapters.

Free Agile Project Management Book in PDF
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Author: BVOP Published on: Friday Sep 25, 2020
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    Do you conduct training anywhere in England? How much is the full price of the Scrum Master course?
  2. BVOP™
    Our Agile Guide Book is free for all people worldwide. We prefer professionals to learn on their own without paying huge fees. That is why we do not conduct training in physical premises.
  3. Emily Johnson
    Hi, Can you provide insights into the alternative formats or platforms through which the Agile project management book is currently available, and how they compare to PDF in terms of usability and convenience?
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